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Welcome to Email Tools Guide!

Our mission is simple: to guide people through the complex process of choosing an email marketing tool that best suits their business needs and to help implement their email marketing strategy.

Our small team has been brought together by Stacy Kimbell, who blends her family business background with a decade of freelance email marketing experience.

At the core of our philosophy is an insight from Stacy:

In my years of working with a variety of email marketing tools, I’ve seen firsthand how the right (or wrong) platform can significantly impact a business. It's not just about sending emails. It's about finding a tool that fits into your workflow, matches your business size, and grows with you. That's what we aim to help you discover here at Email Tools Guide.

Email Tools Guide is her response to this need, and our goal is to offer more than just reviews. Led by Stacy’s expertise, we aim to provide context, insights, and practical advice – all rooted in the everyday realities of running a business and emailing customers.

Drawing on our collective expertise in digital marketing, we at Email Tools Guide strive to make your tool selection process not just straightforward but genuinely transformative for your business.

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