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22 ecommerce newsletters worth reading in 2024

By Stacy Kimbell

February 15, 2024

There are so many ecommerce newsletters available.  So, choosing the ones that are worth your time and attention might be overwhelming. 

In this article, we’ll explore 22 of the most insightful and engaging ecommerce newsletters. These newsletters will remain valuable years after 2024, making subscriptions worthwhile. If you’re ready to take your ecommerce game to the next level, read on.

Ecommerce newsletters we recommend for 2024

Let’s look at our curated list of the most popular and subscription-worthy newsletters:

1. RMW Commerce

This is one of the best newsletters to subscribe to in 2024. An ecommerce CEO, Rick Watson, curated the “What’s Next” RMW Commerce newsletter.

Target audience: The target audience comprises both individuals and businesses in ecommerce. The newsletter is for professionals who want to stay updated on ecommerce news. It’s also for those interested in supply chain disruptions and cross-border commerce. 

Frequency: It’s a monthly newsletter that delves deep into ecommerce-related topics. It also provides forecasts for what’s next in the ecommerce market.

Why it’s good: The content includes insights on platforms like Shopify, Amazon, and Target. It also includes discussions with industry experts on market reports and events. The newsletter also provides forward-thinking opinions on ecommerce trends and developments.

Ecommerce newsletter RMW Commerce

Image via RMW Commerce

2. The Moz Blog

This newsletter is useful for SEO and digital marketing information.

Target audience: The Moz Blog targets a broad range of audiences. It benefits SEO professionals, content marketers, and ecommerce business owners. 

Frequency: The Moz Blog newsletter is sent out several times per week, about three to four times. With this blog, you will receive steady and fresh content.

Why it’s good: This newsletter offers unique features. Subscribing allows you to belong to a larger community of SEO and content marketing professionals. 

You can connect with other Moz Blog newsletter readers on social media or the Moz Community Forum. The Moz Blog newsletter offers curated industry insights from a team of SEO and content marketing experts.

Ecommerce newsletter The Moz Blog

Image via The Moz Blog

3. Really Good Emails

The newsletter is for anyone interested in the latest email marketing trends. It focuses on email designs and templates.

Target audience: This newsletter is for email marketers, business owners, and copywriters.

Frequency: Really Good Emails sends its newsletter twice a week.   

Why it’s good: You receive the best email designs and links through the newsletter. Really Good Emails provides a curated selection of over 10,000 example emails. It gives you ideas to improve the design, copy, and strategy of your ecommerce newsletters.

Ecommerce newsletter Really Good Emails

Image via Really Good Emails

4. Omnisend newsletter

This newsletter stands out as a top choice for B2C marketing insights, catering to email marketers across all skill levels and business owners seeking to expand through email marketing.

Target audience: Email marketers and full-stack marketers

Frequency: Monthly.

Why it’s good: This newsletter offers articles on email and email+SMS marketing, also many good articles on marketing automation strategy and best use cases.

Ecommerce newsletter Omnisend

5. Content Marketing Institute

This is one of the best ecommerce newsletters for B2B and B2C marketing tips.

Target audience: This is for content marketers of all experience levels. It’s also helpful for business owners using content marketing to grow their businesses.

Frequency: 5 days a week.   

Why it’s good: This newsletter offers several articles on content strategy. It also features content on B2B and B2C marketing. 

It covers a range of topics, including audience building and analytics. It also covers topics like content optimization, personalization, and account-based marketing. You can receive practical advice to apply to your content marketing campaign.

Ecommerce newsletter Content Marketing Institute

Image via Content Marketing Institute

6. The Hustle

The Hustle Daily Newsletter is a top newsletter for ecommerce news. It delivers daily insightful analysis of business and technology topics and trends.

Target audience: Millennials interested in business, startup, and technology news.     

Frequency: Every weekday.     

Why it’s good: The Hustle provides informative articles on various business and tech topics. These include the latest tech innovations, startup news, and analysis of financial markets. They also cover investment opportunities, personal finance tips, and lifestyle trends. 

You can gain tips for growing businesses from the stories of successful startups. You can also gain insights from interviews with business leaders.      

Ecommerce newsletter The Hustle Newsletter

Image via The Hustle

7. 2PM

2PM is one of the leading ecommerce newsletters in the retail industry. It provides up-to-date analysis and coverage of the online retail landscape.

Target audience: The newsletter targets DTC ecommerce business owners and marketers.      

Frequency: Every Monday at 2 PM, a newsletter arrives in your inbox. It includes fresh analysis, captivating stories, and actionable takeaways. It delivers the paid executive membership three times per week, which includes two original briefs. 

Why it’s good: 2PM features expert commentary and analysis of online business. It also features curated content within the ecommerce and retail sectors. You can subscribe to this newsletter for free news reports on industry developments. You will also get market dynamics insights that are useful in developing your retail business.   

Ecommerce newsletter 2PM

Image via 2PM

8. Lean Luxe

If you are interested in modern luxury businesses, subscribe to this newsletter.

Target audience: This newsletter targets entrepreneurs, managers, and investors in the luxury industry. 

Frequency: This newsletter is sent out three days per week. 

Why it’s good: The Lean Luxe newsletter focuses on modern luxury businesses. It also covers consumer goods and services. As a subscriber, you’ll get original market analysis reports. You’ll also receive updates on business news and trends in the consumer goods sector. The newsletter also features opinions, commentary, and essays on expanding luxury markets. Entrepreneurs, executives, and experts in the industry provide this information.

Ecommerce newsletter Lean Luxe

Image via Lean Luxe

9. Not a Newsletter

Not a Newsletter is a go-to resource to inspire you. The author, Dan Oshinsky, shares expert insights, tips, and tricks for email marketing success. 

Target audience: The newsletter targets entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketers looking to create stellar email marketing strategies and scale up their revenue.

Frequency: This is a weekly ecommerce newsletter. Subscribers receive it every Wednesday. 

Why it’s good: Not a Newsletter is one of the best ecommerce newsletters for email marketing. It covers various aspects, from innovative strategies to best practices. You can get insights into design, copywriting, segmentation, personalization, and more. 

You’ll also get helpful tips from experts to enhance your email campaigns. These tips involve email marketing products and tool recommendations.

Image via Not a Newsletter

10. Insider Intelligence

This is one of the industry-leading ecommerce newsletters. It covers topics on digital marketing, advertising, and trends across various media channels. 

Target audience: The newsletter targets business professionals interested in digital transformation. Its target audience includes executives, managers, and analysts in the advertising, retail, finance, and technology industries.

Frequency: Insider Intelligence provides a range of newsletters, each with a certain frequency. The eMarketer Daily and eMarketer Retail Daily are published every weekday. The Chart of the Day newsletter is also published every weekday. Meanwhile, it publishes the Banking & Payments newsletter once a week. 

Why it is good: The newsletter focuses on digital marketing and advertising. It also features technology, finance, media, and consumer behavior articles. Subscribers also receive the latest news, forecasts, and industry analysis. You can also expect practical reports and commentary from industry professionals. These insights can inform strategic decision-making for your business. 

Ecommerce newsletter Insider Intelligence

Image via Insider Intelligence

11. Shopifreaks

Shopifreaks is one of the best weekly ecommerce newsletters. You can subscribe to this newsletter to keep up with developments in the ecommerce world.

Target audience: The Shopifreaks newsletter targets ecommerce professionals. This includes executives, merchants, agency owners, SaaS developers, marketing directors, and investors. 

Frequency: Shopifreaks sends out its newsletter every Monday.

Why it is good: The newsletter curates the most recent ecommerce information. This includes updates, integrations, and digital marketing and ecommerce news. Its focus is on the Shopify platform. However, it also includes content about Amazon, Etsy, eBay, BigCommerce, and more.

Ecommerce newsletter Shopifreaks

Image via Shopifreaks

12. Retail Dive

Next on our list is Retail Dive – an ecommerce newsletter operated by Industry Dive. This newsletter covers the top news and trends shaping the retail industry. 

Target audience: Its target audience is retail executives, managers, and other decision-makers. 

Frequency: Daily, Monday through Friday.

Why it is good: Retail Dive has a mobile-friendly website and app. You can easily access the news and the latest feature stories. Retail Dive has a mobile-friendly website and app. You can easily access the news and latest feature stories on the move from the website and app. 

This newsletter gives you industry-specific news and insights on different topics. These topics include marketing, store operations, retail technology, and omnichannel.

Ecommerce newsletter Retail Drive

Image via Retail Dive

13. Ecommerce Magazine

The Octane AI Ecommerce Magazine is one of the top ecommerce newsletters worth checking out. This weekly newsletter provides a review of the most recent ecommerce industry information. 

Some of the topics covered are customer relationship management and email marketing campaigns. It also includes content on ecommerce sales and operations. 

Target audience: Ecommerce Magazine’s target audience is retail and ecommerce business owners, managers, and marketers. 

Frequency: Once a week.

Why it is good: Ecommerce Magazine provides information about ecommerce innovations. As a subscriber, you get top industry-relevant news and strategies curated by over 50 experts. You can use the insights to optimize your ecommerce operations.

The monthly expert interviews the magazine conducts can give you insights and inspire you to create your own.

Ecommerce newsletter Ecommerce Magazine

Image via Ecommerce Magazine

DTC Newsletters

The DTC ecommerce business model is growing rapidly. Many businesses are adopting it as a preferred business model. If you are involved in direct-to-consumer manufacturing or marketing, these DTC newsletters are worth a read.

Take a look at some of the top picks.

14. Full Court Press

Marco Marandiz established the Full Court Press newsletter. It’s a good example of a DTC newsletter where the author shares their views and ideas with a larger audience. 

The newsletter covers a wide range of subjects. It includes threads, thoughts, and other content related to Marco’s interests and experiences. It also features conversations with entrepreneurs, executives, and others in the DTC marketplace.

Target audience: This newsletter’s target audience is manufacturers, wholesalers, and marketers operating in the DTC space. 

Frequency: Once a week.

Why it is good: The newsletter shares conversations with DTC founders and executives. It covers topics about DTC marketing, branding, and ecommerce. The newsletter is enlightening and relevant because the author shares his unique perspective on these topics. 

DTC Newsletter Full Court Press

Image via Full Court Press

15. Retail Brew

Retail Brew is the ideal place to receive the most recent retail industry news on marketing and DTC ecommerce. Retail Brew is one of the extensions of the Morning Brew business publication. 

Target audience: Leaders and decision-makers in DTC as well as the retail space. 

Frequency: Three times per week.

Why it is good: This newsletter provides subscribers with the latest retail trends. It covers a wide range of topics about DTC marketing. It discusses DTC trends, in-store tech, and ecommerce operations. It also features forecasts about the future of cryptocurrency in retail.

DTC Newsletter Retail Brew

Image via Retail Brew

16. For The Love

Aja Singer created For The Love is a DTC newsletter. It documents her career transition and experiences along the way. It also discusses DTC products, startups, and mission-driven brands that excite the author.

Target audience: Its target audience is startup owners and entrepreneurs interested in DTC brand building and consumer tech. 

Frequency: The newsletter is sent out weekly, on Sunday mornings.

Why it is good: The For The Love newsletter features engaging content specifically crafted for DTC enthusiasts. The author reviews brands and products from a consumer’s point of view. This makes the newsletter unique

It shares brand-building tips and success stories. However, it also discusses the news and updates about food and health policies in the country. 

DTC Newsletter For the Love

Image via For The Love

17. Chips + Dips

 Emily Singer pens the Chips + Dips. It’s a unique DTC newsletter featuring brief news updates called ‘Chips’ and in-depth analysis called ‘Dips.’ These updates and analyses cover new products, fashion, health, and wellness topics.

Target audience: The newsletter has no specific target audience. It appeals to a wide range of readers. This includes DTC entrepreneurs, marketers, creatives, and consumers.

Frequency: There is no set frequency for delivering newsletters.

Why it’s good: Chips and Dips discusses a range of topics about to the several categories of products people buy.  The newsletter highlights emerging innovative products and services in several industries. 

Subscribing to this newsletter gives you a refreshing point of view on DTC commerce news. You’ll also receive insights about consumer brands and marketing trends.

DTC Newsletter Chips + Dips

Image via Chips + Dips

18. Glossy

Glossy is one of the prominent ecommerce newsletters in the DTC market today. It provides an inside scoop on all things fashion and beauty. The newsletters you can subscribe to include Glossy Daily, Glossy Pop Newsletter, Glossy Weekend Briefing, and Glossy Pop Shop Updates.

Target audience: This newsletter serves interesting content for fashion and beauty executives, brand managers, marketers, and consumers.

Frequency: Subscribers receive this newsletter every weekday and on weekends. It depends on your chosen newsletter.

Why it is good: Glossy offers an in-depth analysis of the fashion and beauty sectors. It focuses on significant trends, new businesses, and innovative marketing strategies. With Glossy, you can also access information about exclusive events and networking opportunities.

DTC Newsletter Glossy

Image via Glossy

19. DTC Drive

The DTC Drive Newsletter is one of the popular DTC newsletters. It offers high-quality content related to DTC brand building and marketing. You’ll also receive regular updates on events, podcasts, trends, and much more.

Target audience: DTC brand owners, marketers, and entrepreneurs. 

Frequency: Once every two weeks.

Why it is good: With the DTC Drive newsletter, you can learn from the stories of DTC ecommerce stores. This can inspire your ecommerce customer acquisition strategy. The newsletter covers topics such as marketing, branding, and customer engagement. It also includes discussions on community building and growth strategies for DTC ecommerce.

DTC Newsletter DTC Drive

Image via DTC Drive

Good thought leadership

These newsletters offer insights, expertise, and perspectives on a specific industry or topic. The following newsletter examples are some of the Good thought leadership newsletters. They address specific industry issues.

20. Forerunner

The Forerunner newsletter covers the advances in consumer behavior and the creator economy. The Forerunner team is a group of investors that curate relevant content and publish the newsletter weekly.

The newsletter highlights the team’s favorite reads on growing consumer trends and commerce enablement tools. They also cover fintech, health tech, and investment insights.

Target audience: The target audience consists of entrepreneurs, investors, and individuals interested in consumer behavior. 

Frequency: Once a week.

Why it is good: The newsletter draws on the expertise of their seasoned investment team. The team features articles on new trends in consumer behavior across industries. It includes diverse views, offering a comprehensive view of the consumer world. This helps readers know what shapes the industry and how to adjust their strategy. The investment team also discusses business-building insights in the newsletter.

Image via Forerunner

21. The New Consumer

This newsletter offers insightful analysis, interviews, and commentary on several topics. These topics include ecommerce, DTC brands, technology, and consumer behavior. Membership is required to sustain the newsletter. It costs between $20 per month and $200 per year.

Target audience: Entrepreneurs and executives in marketing, ecommerce, consumer brand, and technology sectors. 

Frequency: Twice a week.

Why it is good: Dan Frommer, an experienced tech and business journalist manages the newsletter. It features interviews with industry thought leaders. The newsletter exposes you to various perspectives within the consumer space. 

Good thought leadership example by The New Consumer

Image via The New Consumer

22. MKT1

This newsletter is from Emily Kramer and Kathleen Estreich. It provides subscribers with B2B startup marketing advice. It also includes expert guides and real-world tips from marketing leaders. MKT1’s coverage encompasses marketing channel selection, and campaign planning, and execution. 

Target audience: B2B startup founders and marketers.

Frequency: This is a weekly newsletter.

Why it is good: Industry veterans with a proven track record of success in the B2B startup world created the MKT1 newsletter. The content is practical because the advice is based on real-world experience and examples. You can subscribe to the newsletter for free or opt for a paid subscription to get more resources. 

Good thought leadership example by MKT1

Image via MKT1

Ecommerce newsletter: Wrap up

Overall, the primary goal of ecommerce newsletters is to remain informed about the latest ecommerce trends and news. They equip you with relevant industry information to grow your business. 

Within this curated selection of ecommerce newsletters, you will undoubtedly find many that will become your preferred sources of information. They provide abundant resources and comprehensive industry news to meet your needs.


What is a newsletter?

A newsletter is a publication that brands regularly send out to subscribers. You can send them daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Newsletters provide updates, insights, or valuable information to users.

Ecommerce newsletters are an effective email marketing tactic for brands and businesses. They are suitable for content promotion, brand announcements, sales, and employer branding.   

  • Newsletters can showcase your brand’s values and expertise. They can help reinforce your brand identity in the minds of subscribers. 
  • They can also help you promote new products, special offers, and discounts. Ecommerce newsletters are effective for generating more revenue. 
  • Newsletters for ecommerce are useful for building strong relationships with customers. You can establish credibility and trust by providing quality content and tailored offers.

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