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Three best ConvertKit alternatives for 2024

By Stacy Kimbell

Last update: November 29, 2023

ConvertKit is renowned for its seamless email marketing capabilities, particularly for creators. It offers intuitive automation and easy-to-use templates, along with robust integrations. However, it might only meet some people’s needs.

Some users may desire alternatives that provide better affordability or more advanced features. Thus, the search for the best ConvertKit alternatives is crucial. 

This article details three notable alternatives to ConvertKit, highlighting their unique features. We’ll compare these platforms to help you make an informed decision. You will identify a suitable option for your needs and budget by the end.

Quick summary of top 3 ConvertKit alternatives

Best overall – Flodesk

Very basic
Free plan


Pricing starts at


Stands out for

Visually appealing email, form, and landing page templates

Simple pricing.

Best for

Bloggers, freelancers, educators, personal branding specialists, non-profit organizations, and digital sellers.

Flodesk stands out as the best overall ConvertKit alternative. It’s a top pick for design-conscious creators and marketers. It’s also the go-to platform for those seeking to send beautiful and engaging emails. 

Flodesk is easy to use and ideal for users at every skill level. It combines simplicity with visual appeal.

Flodesk pros and cons

  • Elegant and visually engaging email templates
  • Intuitive interface for streamlined campaign creation
  • Customizable features that align with brand identity
  • Simplified pricing with a single flat fee for all features
  • An easy-to-navigate platform for even non-designers
  • Basic automation and segmentation tools
  • No live chat support
  • Limited direct integrations with other platforms and tools


Runner-up best – Moosend

Very basic
Free plan


Pricing starts at


Stands out for

Gamified signup forms

Easy-to-use campaign wizard

Ecommerce-centric layouts.

Best for

Ecommerce beginners and non-profit organizations.

Moosend is the second-best ConvertKit alternative for those who prioritize unlimited communication. Its email editor and segmentation features are outstanding, making targeted campaigns more effective.

Moosend offers a generous 30-day free trial to allow users to test its capabilities thoroughly. It’s a step up from ConvertKit’s 14-day free trial offering.

Moosend pros and cons

  • Unlimited email sending on all paid plans
  • Fully-featured 30-day trial to evaluate platform capabilities
  • Advanced segmentation tools for precise targeting
  • Flexible email editor for creative control
  • Consistent customer support via email and chat
  • Detailed analytics for informed marketing strategies
  • No free plan is available
  • The interface may seem outdated
  • Limited native Shopify integration


Best cheap alternative – MailerLite

Very basic
Free plan


Pricing starts at


Stands out for

Ease of use


Attractive email templates.

Best for

Bloggers, startups, solopreneurs, and non-profit organizations

MailerLite is the top budget-friendly alternative to ConvertKit, balancing cost with function. It caters to beginners, featuring an intuitive and navigable design. MailerLite also offers attractive, customizable templates for emails and landing pages.

MailerLite pros and cons

  • Extremely user-friendly, especially for beginners
  • Competitive pricing for small business budgets
  • A generous 30-day free trial with essential features
  • A wide range of customizable templates
  • Simple design elements to enrich emails and forms
  • It prioritizes Content creation over complex functionality
  • Limited integration options with ecommerce platforms
  • Strict account approval process
  • Absence of advanced reporting and automation features

Best ConvertKit alternatives in a nutshell

The table below briefly compares ConvertKit with its three best alternatives.

Ease of signing up
Intuitive email builder
Modern-looking email templates
Unique coupon codes
Email personalization
Pre-built automated workflows
Modern-looking signup forms
Landing page builder
Signup form/landing page analytics
Customer segmentation
Robust email campaign analytics
Customer support 24/7
Seamless integrations with ecommerce platforms
Compatibility with other marketing channels
Ease of signing up
Extremely easy
Fairly easy
Very easy
Intuitive email builder
Modern-looking email templates
Some of them
Unique coupon codes
Email personalization
Pre-built automated workflows
Yes - only structure, no copy
Yes - only structure, no copy
Modern-looking signup forms
Landing page builder
Signup form/landing page analytics
Customer segmentation
Yes. Very basic
Robust email campaign analytics
Customer support 24/7
Seamless integrations with ecommerce platforms
Compatibility with other marketing channels
Yes - FB audiences only

Now, let’s discuss the features of each ConvertKit alternative.

1. Flodesk

Image via Flodesk

Features that stand out

  • Visual email editor: Change the opacity of images directly in the editor.
  • Modern templates: Flodesk’s modern templates elevate the visual aspect of email campaigns.
  • Intuitive campaign wizard: A straightforward step-by-step guide that easily takes you from template selection to campaign launch.
  • Embed Instagram images: Directly incorporate your latest Instagram posts into your emails.
  • Stylish signup forms: Over 30 customizable templates that blend seamlessly with your brand.

Building email campaigns

Flodesk streamlines the email campaign process. The email wizard provides easy-to-follow instructions for users, from selecting a template to configuring campaign details, such as: 

  • Subject line
  • Recipients
  • Sending time

Flodesk’s email design builder might initially appear unconventional, but it has a straightforward and user-friendly interface. 

Every essential email component, from social media icons to images, is readily accessible. You can also embed images directly from Instagram.

Adding your brand’s logo and customizing templates is straightforward. Flodesk strongly emphasizes visual aesthetics with unique features like image opacity adjustments. Its modern templates are designed to engage and fascinate your audience. 

Flodesk focuses on visual appeal with unique features like image opacity adjustments. You can access this functionality right within the editor. 

However, Flodesk may fall short if you’re looking for advanced ecommerce features or functionalities. It also lacks the auto-resending feature, which is present in ConvertKit.

Marketing automation

Flodesk has a basic yet user-friendly marketing automation feature. There are also ready-to-go workflows, such as:

  • Welcome sequence
  • Sales sequence
  • Nurture sequence

However, the trigger options are limited to segment entry, indicating a lack of depth for more complex needs or ecommerce ventures.

Forms and list management

Flodesk’s modern templates for signup forms certainly stand out. This feature cements its position as one of the best ConvertKit alternatives.

Unlike ConvertKit’s limited 9 form options, Flodesk offers 30 eye-catching designs. You can set up popups, inline forms, or full signup pages.

Not only do the forms have an aesthetic appearance, but they also include performance metrics that allow you to assess their effectiveness.

Flodesk’s landing pages, or “checkouts,” provide various options. There are landing pages for selling digital products, education, and services.

Similarly, ConvertKit offers 50+ landing page templates for podcasts, webinars, events, etc.

Managing subscriber segments is straightforward, with a focus on simplicity over complexity.

Flodesk diverges from the conventional list structure and opts for a segment-based system instead. This may require some adjustment for those accustomed to traditional list management.


Flodesk doesn’t offer a free plan but extends a 30-day trial to test its features. Available plans include:

  • Flodesk email: $38/month
  • Flodesk email and checkout: $64/month

Flodesk has a unique pricing structure with flat-rate plans. These plans focus solely on feature access rather than the size of your subscriber list.

Why choose Flodesk instead of ConvertKit?

If your primary objective is creating visually captivating email designs, we recommend Flodesk. It’s also ideal for businesses seeking straightforward marketing automation.

Why choose ConvertKit instead of Flodesk?

If your needs go beyond visual design, consider choosing ConvertKit. It provides better marketing automation and expansive list segmentation capabilities. In contrast to Flodesk, ConvertKit also supports the integration of Facebook ads.

2. Moosend

Image via Moosend

Features that stand out

  • Collaborative email editor: Provides unique commenting and editing history features.
  • Ecommerce-focused layouts: Features product blocks for cart or browse abandonment campaigns.
  • Accessible automation: Accessible at a low entry cost, with shopping behavior filters.
  • Gamified signup forms: Include options like the Wheel of Fortune to engage users.

Building email campaigns

Creating an email campaign in Moosend is straightforward. The email builder boasts many content blocks, such as timers, products, and videos. It also features convenient ecommerce layouts, and the numerous customization options are flexible.

Moosend offers 82 email templates. However, they may not compete with the modern aesthetic in solutions like MailerLite. Similar to ConvertKit, Moosend supports regular campaigns and A/B testing.

Moosend’s email editor stands out with its unique collaborative features. Users can add comments for colleagues and view a history of edits. This standout feature makes it a top pick for those seeking ConvertKit alternatives.

Marketing automation

At first glance, Moosend’s automated features may not seem like the most user-friendly option. Yet, its accessibility at a starting price of $9 per month is commendable. 

Moosend offers 18 prebuilt automation templates. 

The platform excels because it allows you to apply filters based on your email and shopping behavior. This is a vital feature for a successful ecommerce operation. 

Unfortunately, Moosend’s marketing channel integration is limited. Similar to ConvertKit, its integration is limited to emails only.

Forms and list management

Forms and list management are essential factors to consider when searching for ConvertKit alternatives. 

Moosend’s provision of 11 popup templates enhances the signup process. It also has engaging options like the ‘Wheel of Fortune, which ConvertKit lacks.

Despite not being the most flexible, Moosend’s templates can meet various needs. The tool also includes analytics for performance tracking.

Moosend’s landing page offerings are substantial, with 38 fairly customizable templates. The platform makes it straightforward to manage subscriber lists. It presents clear contact import and data mapping processes.

Compatibility with other marketing channels

Moosend is limited in terms of marketing channel compatibility. It allows for the addition of a Facebook pixel to landing pages. However, it lacks capabilities for SMS and push notifications.


Like Flodesk, Moosend offers a 30-day free trial instead of a free plan. Users get access to several features during the free trial. However, trial users can’t access a few premium options, like an SMTP server, a dedicated IP, and an account manager. 

Here’s a quick overview of Moosend’s pricing:

Number of subscribers
Up to 500
Up to 1,000
Up to 5,000
Up to 10,000
Up to 50,000
Up to 100,000

Moosend also has an Enterprise plan with custom offerings, but you’ll have to contact the sales department for a custom quote.

Why choose Moosend instead of ConvertKit?

Opting for Moosend over ConvertKit can be beneficial for ecommerce businesses. It’s suitable for those looking for specialized tools at a competitive price.

Moosend’s ecommerce integrations allow for product-focused email campaigns. Users can also perform segmented automation based on customer shopping behavior. 

The platform’s collaborative features in its email editor, such as comment sections and edit history, are impressive. It’s an excellent choice for teams working together on campaigns.

Why choose ConvertKit instead of Moosend?

ConvertKit may be the better choice for content creators and bloggers. It’s ideal for those who prioritize ease of use and community engagement. 

The platform offers a seamless user experience and a gentle learning curve. This makes it accessible even to those new to email marketing. 

Moreover, ConvertKit’s free plan is a strong draw for individuals and small businesses looking to build their audience without an initial investment.

3. MailerLite

Image via MailerLite

Features that stand out

  • Social posts in emails: You can embed Twitter and Facebook content directly into emails.
  • Resend to non-openers: You can boost engagement by automatically resending emails to non-openers.
  • Diverse signup forms: There’s a wide range of customizable templates for signup forms.
  • Smart list management: This lets you avoid duplicate counts with intelligent subscriber tracking.
  • AI capabilities: The built-in AI writing assistant and subject line generator help you write better emails.

Building email campaigns

Initiating a campaign is straightforward in both MailerLite and ConvertKit. MailerLite presents a clear process for naming and adding preheaders, with three distinct campaign builders: 

  • A drag-and-drop editor
  • A rich-text editor
  • A custom HTML editor 

MailerLite shines with its additional email elements, such as:

  • Surveys
  • Quizzes
  • Ecommerce product listings

It also has several ready-made content blocks designed to boost engagement.

Customization is a breeze on MailerLite. You can use its intuitive interface to modify colors, texts, and a library of images. It’s also easy to incorporate logos and other graphical elements.

MailerLite offers 90 beautiful templates that are available only with a subscription. It also supports diverse email types, from standard campaigns to A/B tests, auto-resends, and automated RSS campaigns.

MailerLite allows users to embed Twitter and Facebook posts directly into emails. And unlike ConvertKit, MailerLite has an exclusive feature for resending campaigns to non-openers. This feature is extremely valuable for email marketing beginners.

Marketing automation

MailerLite’s marketing automation is user-friendly and provides prebuilt automation workflow logic. However, it lacks some of its competitors’ pre-designed emails and texts. The platform offers 15 automation templates:

  • Simple welcome email
  • Win back subscribers
  • Retarget subscribers
  • New promotion
  • Online course
  • Birthday wishes
  • Advanced welcome email
  • Demo call invitation
  • Webinar invitation
  • NPS survey
  • Membership renewal
  • Abandoned cart
  • Random product purchase
  • Specific product purchase
  • Premium members

There are several templates, but you’ll have to create your message and email design from scratch after picking one. 

MailerLite’s automation features are accessible on all plans, including the free plan. However, it’s relatively limited in scope because it lacks comprehensive trigger-based workflows. 

MailerLite’s triggers are restricted mainly to email behaviors and date-based events. It misses out on potentially valuable onsite behavior triggers.

Forms and list management

MailerLite stands out among ConvertKit alternatives. It provides an impressive array of prebuilt signup forms, from popups to embedded forms, and landing pages. The platform signup forms are all adaptable to brand colors using a friendly WYSIWYG editor. 

MailerLite’s analytics for signup form performance include:

  • Subscriber counts
  • View numbers
  • Conversion rates

It also has A/B testing capabilities for optimization. 

List management in MailerLite is more transparent and efficient compared to ConvertKit. It prevents duplicate counts for the same contact in different lists or segments. 

Contact import and mapping are straightforward. You can segment based on the following: 

  • Interests
  • Email engagement
  • Geography
  • Time zone

However, the advanced segmentation criteria lacks a section for onsite behaviors or purchase history.

Compatibility with other marketing channels

MailerLite keeps it simple with its marketing channel integrations. It offers only Facebook retargeting with the Advanced Plan.


Both MailerLite and ConvertKit offer free plans. However, MailerLite is a budget-friendly ConvertKit alternative. 

MailerLite’s free plan features:

  • 12,000 email sends
  • Single website integration
  • Unlimited audiences
  • Up to 10 landing pages
  • Unlimited popups
  • Segmentation
  • Limited automation features
  • Full reporting

The free plan also includes limited support for the first 30 days, which is a critical period for new users.

On the paid side, MailerLite offers the following plans:

Number of subscribers
Growing Business
Up to 500
Up to 2,500
Up to 5,000
Up to 10,000
Up to 50,000
Up to 100,000

MailerLite’s pricing structure is competitive, depending on your needs. The lower-paid plans are for growing businesses with modest needs. 

However, those requiring more sophisticated features, such as dynamic emails, auto resend, or advanced automation triggers, will find themselves looking at the higher tier plans. 

MailerLite also offers a custom Enterprise plan for businesses with over 100,000 subscribers.

Why choose MailerLite instead of ConvertKit?

Choosing MailerLite over other ConvertKit alternatives could be strategic for users, prioritizing ease of use with a blend of basic and advanced features. 

MailerLite offers a good balance between user-friendliness and functionality. Features that set it apart include automatically resending campaigns and posting directly to social media. 

MailerLite’s free plan is also suitable for those starting out or with smaller lists. It provides a means for beginners to experiment with some email marketing strategies.

Why choose ConvertKit instead of MailerLite?

The platform’s focus on creator and blogger-centric features makes it a more tailored solution for those in the content creation industry.

Alternatives to avoid

You might consider bypassing ActiveCampaign when looking for ConvertKit alternatives. It comes with some level of sophistication in automation and steep pricing. This might not be ideal for small businesses or solo ventures looking for simplicity and cost-efficiency.

Klaviyo, known for its robust ecommerce features, may also be excessive for basic email marketing needs. Its cost can also be burdensome for budget-conscious users.

If affordable pricing and an intuitive interface are your top priorities, ActiveCampaign and Klaviyo may not be the best options to consider. They are most suitable for more complex marketing operations.

ConvertKit alternatives: Summary

ConvertKit stands out as a reliable email marketing platform. However, its limitations may prompt the search for alternatives. Each business has unique requirements; fortunately, several noteworthy options are available. 

Flodesk emerges as an excellent option for users prioritizing simplicity and affordability in their email marketing solution. It provides a straightforward and visually appealing user experience. 

Moosend is an excellent choice for those who value detailed automation and subscriber segmentation without a steep learning curve or price tag.

MailerLite offers an intuitive approach with a rich feature set that balances affordability with comprehensive campaign tools. It’s ideal for budget-conscious users expanding beyond basic email needs. 

Whatever your budget or business size, there is a ConvertKit alternative that will meet your needs. Our collection of ConvertKit alternatives includes many alternatives, from streamlined user interfaces to robust ecommerce features.

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