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Sendlane vs Klaviyo: are they worth their high prices?

By Stacy Kimbell

Last update: December 7, 2023

At Email Tools Guide, we do not compromise our rankings for monetary gain. Our reviews reflect our sincere evaluation and hands-on experience with each tool. However, if you purchase via links on our site, we may receive affiliate commissions.

Sendlane and Klaviyo are notable email marketing platforms. They have gained significant attention for their advanced features and robust capabilities. However, they are also known for their higher-than-average costs.

In this Sendlane vs Klaviyo comparison, we’ll explore their functionalities, integration options, and customer support. 

We’ll also analyze their features and limitations and weigh them against their prices. By the end of this comparison, you’ll have all the insights needed to decide which tool best meets your business needs.

Sendlane vs Klaviyo: Quick overview

Sendlane and Klaviyo provide a range of automation tools that appeal to different users. Users are particularly impressed with Sendlane’s marketing automation and outstanding customer support.

Klaviyo, on the other hand, has received numerous positive reviews for its advanced segmentation capabilities and in-depth reporting.

On the Shopify App Store, Klaviyo has a rating of 3.9 stars from 1,795 reviews. Whereas, Sendlane has an overall rating of 5 stars from only one review. 

While users praise both tools’ user-friendly interfaces, they have noted that their pricing is rather high.

In the following sections, we’ll analyze their features and weigh them against their high prices to help you make an informed decision. Before doing so, here’s a quick comparison of Sendlane vs Klaviyo to see how both compare.

Ease of signing up
Intuitive email builder
Modern-looking email templates
Unique coupon codes
Email personalization
Pre-built automated workflows
Modern-looking signup forms
Landing page builder
Signup form/landing page analytics
Customer segmentation
Robust email campaign analytics
Customer support 24/7
Seamless integrations with ecommerce platforms
Compatibility with other marketing channels
Generative AI tools

On the surface, both tools seem to have similar features. However, there are distinct differences that set them apart.

Let’s undertake an in-depth comparison of Sendlane vs Klaviyo in the following section and explore what makes them unique.

Sendlane vs Klaviyo comparison: Feature by feature

Ease of getting started

We’ll begin this Sendlane vs Klaviyo review by examining the ease of getting started with these tools.

Both Sendlane and Klaviyo have straightforward registration processes. They don’t ask for credit card information.

Sendlane offers 14-day free access to test drive its autoresponder. However, it restricts the free trial users from accessing its email-based features. You must update your credit card details to use other automation tools.

Klaviyo’s signup process is simple, but by analyzing the menu, you can say that the platform is for advanced users. However, initial setup, like changing the sender’s email address, is intuitive and easy. The interface is similar to other advanced tools like Omnisend.

Sendlane vs Klaviyo: Which is the easiest to set up?

Sendlane wins this round. It’s beginner-friendly and requires no prior experience.


Building an email campaign

Crafting effective email campaigns requires a blend of strategy and the right tools. In this section, we’ll compare Klaviyo vs Sendlane on their email campaign-building capabilities.

Both Sendlane and Klaviyo offer drag-and-drop email builders. Our analysis revealed that Sendlane’s email builder is good, but it can’t be compared to something as advanced as Klaviyo’s email builder. 

Sendlane offers multiple layout options inside the email and users can run regular campaigns, do a/b testing, and create automated workflows. 

However, Sendlane lacks an image library, recommendation content block, and dynamic content. Its usability needs improvement as we found it difficult to align elements after deleting some images. 

In contrast, Klaviyo’s email builder is very functional, especially its product content block. With its builder, you can pull products from the store and include static or dynamic product recommendations in emails. Klaviyo also lets you skip recently emailed profiles. 

Sendlane has 50+ email templates, compared to Klaviyo’s 120+ templates for different occasions. Users can create personalized email campaigns and review performance on both tools. 

One thing Klaviyo and Sendlane share in common is a lack of unique discount code generators. If you want to add unique discount codes, you have to generate them elsewhere and then upload them to Klaviyo or Sendlane.

Which tool offers better email-building capabilities?

Klaviyo’s email campaign builder is more comprehensive and has more ecommerce-oriented features. It’s more complete. Klaviyo wins.


Marketing automation

In this section, we’ll review Klaviyo and Sendlane on their marketing automation features.

Both tools have an extensive range of marketing automation capabilities. Users can personalize email sequences based on user behavior and preferences. Both tools let users combine SMS and email marketing automation in a single, integrated workflow. 

Both Sendlane and Klaviyo offer advanced automation features, like multiple triggers, webhooks, and conditional splits. 

However, the difference is in prebuilt marketing automation workflows. While Sendlane offers nine ready-to-use automations, Klaviyo offers 70+ automations for almost all business cases you can imagine. 

Which offers better automation features: Sendlane or Klaviyo?

Klaviyo is the clear winner. It offers more ready-to-use automations and the interface is more similar to other platforms, so it’s easier to use when switching from other ESPs.


Signup forms and landing pages

Which one offers better signup form and landing page builders: Klaviyo or Sendlane?

Both tools have modern signup form templates. Yet, Sendlane’s functionality is limited compared to Klaviyo. On Sendlane, you will find inline forms, popups and banners available.

In contrast, Klaviyo offers many customizable forms. Users can customize these forms and publish them on their websites automatically. Klaviyo has 60+ pre-made templates in its template library. These forms are available for all subscribers, including those on the free plan.

Klaviyo’s form builder allows users to build different types of forms, such as: 

  • Teasers
  • Popups
  • Fly outs
  • Multi-step forms
  • Full page forms
  • Embedded forms

Klaviyo also offers various specialized features for ecommerce businesses, such as: 

  • Automated A/B testing on forms
  • Custom fields for collecting phone numbers for SMS and more
  • Countdown timer
  • Shopify coupon code integration 

Sadly, Sendlane needs to improve on most of those features.

Another impressive feature of Klaviyo is its advanced SMS signup form builder. The SMS builder is customizable, and you can create segments based on audience behaviors and other parameters.

On Klaviyo, you determine which customers will see the signup form. You also decide whether to display or hide the signup form on either desktop or mobile devices. 

Neither Klaviyo nor Sendlane offers landing pages with a checkout function.

You can easily create and manage lists on both Klaviyo and Sendlane. There are prebuilt segments that help you organize and import lists. 

With Klaviyo, you can create, merge, import, and review lists. 

With Sendlane, users can import various segments and data, such as: 

  • Contacts and lists
  • Segments and tags
  • Automation workflows
  • Templates and custom fields
Klaviyo vs Sendlane: Which one offers better list-building capabilities?

Klaviyo wins with more comprehensive signup form functionality.



Businesses can connect with their audience with the right campaign and tailored segmentation. This section of our Sendlane vs Klaviyo review discusses segmentation options offered by these platforms.

Sendlane doesn’t have ready-to-go audiences, whereas Klaviyo has seven ready-to-use segments. 

Klaviyo’s segmentation is a powerhouse. It allows you to apply a wide range of conditions to your segments. However, effectively using all the options and capabilities of the tool may require some experience.

Klaviyo offers audience segmentation based on certain conditions, such as:

  • Location, including whether they’re within the EU (GDPR) and proximity to a specific location
  • Purchase history
  • Tendency to use discounts
  • Customer lifetime value (CLTV)
  • Engagement 
  • Average order value
  • Churn risk 

Similarly, on Sendlane, a business can segment based on the following:

  • Lists
  • Custom properties 
  • Custom fields
  • Contact tag 
  • Participation in automation
  • Engagement and activity
  • Certain Shopify filters
  • Contact engagement
Which tool is better at segmentation?

Klaviyo wins by a slight margin. Sendlane lacks certain on-site behavior filters like browse abandonment or cart abandonment.



Robust email campaign analytics allow businesses to gain valuable insights into their marketing efforts. In this section, we’ll discuss analytics offered by Klaviyo vs Sendlane. 

Analytics is one of Klaviyo’s unique selling points. It offers predictive analytics, campaign engagement metrics, benchmark comparison and other advanced business insights.

Klaviyo also offers a built-in analytics dashboard for businesses to track key metrics, such as:

  • Campaign engagement 
  • Conversion
  • Website visits 
  • Conversion funnel reports to compare different campaigns

At the end of each campaign, Klaviyo sends a comprehensive report. It analyzes every aspect and sends a detailed report for email and SMS campaigns.

However, Klaviyo’s extensive analytics can be overwhelming for beginners.

Analytics slightly differ on Sendlane when compared to Klaviyo. Sendlane allows users to track their performance with analytics on:

  • Contact list growth 
  • Signup form performance 
  • Email health metrics
  • Email providers and devices
  • Attributed revenue from email campaigns 
Sendlane or Klaviyo: Which one offers better analytics?

Klaviyo outperforms Sendlane in this segment. Its comprehensive reporting dashboard provides adequate insights and shows you different improvement areas.


Customer support

Responsive customer support is an important parameter to consider when choosing an email marketing platform. 

Let’s discuss how Klaviyo and Sendlane fare against each other in their customer support offerings.

Klaviyo offers email and live chat support to customers on all paid plans. That being said, the free plan users only have access to email support for the first 60 days. This might be disheartening for many free plan users.

Customers who subscribe to the paid plans receive email and chat support 24 hours a day, five days a week. But we found Klaviyo’s customer support quite slow.

Besides email and live chat customer support, Klaviyo provides users with other resources, such as:

  • Klaviyo Academy
  • Help center 
  • Live training
  • Klaviyo community

In contrast, Sendlane offers 24-hour support services every day of the week for the whole year. Sendlane provides customer support for all users, even on a free trial.

Sendlane users on the Enterprise plan and higher receive dedicated support from Customer Success Managers. Users on these plans also gain access to a personal Slack channel for quick collaboration and program reviews. 

If you are looking for phone support, both the tools disappoint you as neither of them provides this service.

Sendlane vs Klaviyo: Who wins?

Sendlane wins here. It provides round-the-clock customer support and resolves challenges swiftly.



Which tool offers better integration capabilities, Sendlane or Klaviyo?

Sendlane supports up to 100 integrations, including Shopify and Zapier. This is a limited number compared to Klaviyo, which supports over 300 integrations. 

Klaviyo has a direct-to-consumer presence through its seamless integrations with Shopify and Zapier.

Which tool offers the most integrations?

When comparing their integration capabilities, Klaviyo emerges as the clear frontrunner over Sendlane.


Compatibility with other marketing channels

Sendlane offers SMS marketing, which is restricted to US and Canadian users. Meanwhile, Klaviyo lets you send emails, SMS, and mobile push notifications in more English-speaking countries. You can also integrate Facebook and Google retargeting.

Which tool wins?

Klaviyo wins this round as it’s compatible with multiple marketing channels.


Generative AI tools

AI tools are becoming increasingly popular for a reason. They facilitate marketers in daily tasks and help save time.

While Sendlane doesn’t have an AI tool yet, Klaviyo offers robust generative AI tools, including a subject line generator and an email text assistant.

Klaviyo incorporates various generative AI capabilities, such as:

  • Behavior forecasting: It offers features like automated A/B/n testing and predicted demographics. You can also forecast a shopper’s spending potential.
  • Content creation: This built-in AI comes in two forms—SMS and subject line assistants. Klaviyo’s AI-powered SMS assistant allows campaign plugins. Marketers can write a brief description of their SMS campaign and get AI-generated SMS copy. 
  • Sending optimization: This allows you to test variations of your email and SMS messages. You can also compare your SMS and email marketing performance to other brands.
Who offers better AI generative tools?

Klaviyo offers a wide range of AI capabilities, placing it significantly ahead of Sendlane.


Pricing Comparison

This Klaviyo vs Sendlane comparison is incomplete without analyzing their prices. 

In this section, we’ll discuss both tools’ price structures and value propositions. We’ll explore their free and paid plans to help you choose which tool best suits your budget and needs.

Free plan

Unlike Klaviyo, Sendlane doesn’t have a free plan. Users who want to do more on Sendlane can opt for its tiered pricing models.

Klaviyo offers a free plan with plenty of features. Whereas, Sendlane only offers a 14-day free trial. During this time, the platform doesn’t give you the freedom to explore SMS marketing automation.

Klaviyo’s free plan users can access the following features: 

  • Send 500 emails to 500 subscribers
  • 150 free SMS and MMS credits (US, CA, UK, AUS, NZ)
  • Automation builder
  • Personalized benchmarks
  • Advanced segmentation
  • Unlimited forms
  • Personalized product recommendations
  • 60 days email support

Paid plans

Which tool offers better paid plans: Sendlane or Klaviyo? We’ll compare their paid plans in the following section to give you an answer.

Number of subscribers
Up to 500
Up to 1,000
Up to 5,000
Up to 10,000
Up to 50,000
Up to 100,000
Number of subscribers
Klaviyo email
Klaviyo email & SMS
Number of emails
Sendlane Professional
Sendlane Enterprise
Sendlane Enterprise Plus
Up to 500
Up to 1,000
Up to 5,000
Up to 10,000
Up to 50,000
Up to 100,000

Sendlane offers tiered pricing plans—Professional, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus. Users buy monthly or annual subscriptions and choose plans depending on their email contacts and SMS credit requirements. 

Sendlane also offers SMS marketing at an additional cost. Users can choose the SMS and MMS credits they need, and the corresponding cost is added to the final price.

This is very different from Klaviyo’s paid plans, which are based on the number of subscribers. Klaviyo offers two paid plans—Email and SMS. When users exceed the free 250 contact list limit, they can choose to upgrade to either of the paid plans.

As shown in the table, Klaviyo is more budget-friendly for beginners with its lower-priced plans, whereas Sendlane starts at $100.

Summary: Which one wins?

Which tool wins in this Sendlane vs Klaviyo comparison? Before we determine which tool outperforms the other, here’s a quick summary of Klaviyo vs Sendlane features.





Up to 50,000 emails – $100

Up to 75,000 emails – $150

Up to 100,000 emails – $200

Up to 200,000 emails – $300

Up to 500,000 emails – $600

500 subscribers – $20

1000 subscribers – $30

5000 subscribers – $100

10,000 subscribers – $150

50,000 subscribers – $720

100,000 subscribers – $1,380

Features you can get for free

– 14-days trial

– Up to 250 contacts

– 500 monthly email sends

– Almost all platform features

– Mobile push notifications (beta)

– Built-in CDP

– 150 free monthly SMS/MMS credits (including applicable SMS carrier fees)

– Email support for the first 60 days


– Great support

– Good email builder

– A modern open source framework which prevents email clipping

– Multiple storefront integrations into a single account

– Prebuilt signup forms and automation workflows that can work out of the box

– Beautiful email templates

– Very good analytics and reports

– Outstanding segmentation


– No landing pages

– No signup form library

– Limited prebuilt email templates

– It’s expensive

– No prebuilt segments

– It doesn’t have unique coupon codes

– There are no marketing gamification options

– This tool gets expensive very quickly

– For beginners, the learning curve might be too steep. It’s more suitable for advanced users

Best for

Mid-size ecommerce businesses

Ecommerce businesses and advanced users

Not recommended for

– Small businesses with tight budgets

– Bloggers

– NGO’s

– Non-profit organizations

– Email marketing beginners 

– Marketers on a budget 

– Non-profit organizations

Both Sendlane and Klaviyo offer robust features and functionalities, making it challenging to determine which platform is the best. However, Klaviyo wins most of the rounds in our comparison.

Sendlane allows businesses to create and send personalized, targeted emails. The platform also allows businesses to execute complex marketing strategies without technical know-how.

On the one hand, Klaviyo’s advanced segmentation capabilities, powerful analytics, and integration options make it a top choice for ecommerce businesses and advanced users looking for more customization and scalability. So far, it looks like Klaviyo offers better value for money.

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