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21 small business thank-you messages to customers

By Stacy Kimbell

February 23, 2024

Businesses that deliver exceptional customer service take time to understand their customers’ needs. Delivering high-quality products or services is the foundation of customer satisfaction. Even so, businesses recognize that excellent customer service transcends these by far.

Studies show that customer-centric companies achieve 60% more growth than companies that don’t focus on customers. This is because providing top-notch customer service creates memorable experiences. It fosters customer loyalty and drives sustainable growth.  

Sending a “thank you for supporting my small business” message may seem like a simple post-purchase formality. It is, in fact, a successful strategy for positioning one’s brand as customer-centric.

In this article, we’ll look at strategies and best practices for crafting targeted thank-you messages to customers. We’ll also provide 21 examples to help you nurture customer connections.

Why should you send thank-you messages to customers?

Every customer interaction and touchpoint matters. Expressing gratitude through personalized thank-you messages is a core business strategy. It helps improve your customers’ experience.

In this section, we’ll discuss the importance of expressing gratitude to your customers. 

1. Appreciate your customers

High-quality products are essential. However, appreciation and gratitude play a big role in enhancing customer satisfaction. Sending a well-crafted “thank you for supporting my small business” message shows you acknowledge and value your customers’ support.

Genuine appreciation goes a long way in building strong customer relationships. Your customer’s ongoing patronage is invaluable in good times and challenging times. So, it’s helpful to express your gratitude at all times.

2. Build brand personality

Crafting personalized thank-you messages helps to shape the unique character of your brand. Your appreciation messages’ tone, style, and content mirror your brand’s personality. It establishes a unique and lasting impact on customers.

Consistency helps strengthen your brand’s image regardless of your tone.

3. Introduce new campaigns

Expressing gratitude opens doors of opportunities. Sending thank-you messages is perfect for introducing fresh campaigns or promotions. Showcasing upcoming promotions or exclusive offers can motivate customers to explore your products or services. It also increases the likelihood of repeat purchases.

4. Foster brand loyalty

When customers feel appreciated, their loyalty increases. Similarly, sending thank-you messages regularly helps them feel valued. By creating a sense of belonging and importance, you foster brand loyalty.

5. Provide an opportunity for feedback

Thank-you notes are an excellent source of insightful client feedback. Your thank you note could include a polite request for clients to share their opinions or experiences. It shows your dedication to progress. It also offers valuable information that can improve your goods and services.

6. Leverage word-of-mouth marketing

Gratitude is contagious. Expressing gratitude creates a positive experience that customers will likely share with others.

Word-of-mouth marketing is still incredibly effective. Happy customers will likely spread the word to their friends, or will drop the post with your thank-you postcard on social media.

Word of mouth options on Instagram

Image source: Instagram

21 best examples of small business thank you messages to customers

When sending a small business thank-you message to customers, there is a certain tone that works best. The trick is to strike a balance between a professional and personable tone.

Here are 21 examples of thank you for supporting my small business messages. They can help you build a better relationship with customers.

  • “Dear [Customer Name], We at [Business Name] want to express our sincere gratitude for your recent purchase. Your support means the world to us, and we wouldn’t be here without loyal customers like you. Thank you for choosing us!”
  • “Thank you for choosing [Business Name]! Your purchase not only supports our small business but also [mention positive impact]. We appreciate you making a conscious choice!”
  • “Dear [Customer Name], Thank you! We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you again soon.”
  • “Thank you for your recent purchase of [product name]! We hope you love it as much as we do. We especially appreciate [mention specific positive feedback or interaction].”
  • “Dear [Customer Name], Thank you for being such a valued customer! We truly appreciate your continued support and loyalty. We wouldn’t be the same without you.”

Thank you example on Instagram

Source: Instagram

  • “As a thank you for being a loyal customer, we’d like to offer you [exclusive discount, early access to new products, etc.]. We value your business and want to thank you for your continued support!”
  • “Dear [Customer Name], We wanted to publicly thank you for your amazing review! Your kind words mean a lot to us and help us reach new customers. We appreciate your support!”
  • “Hi [Customer Name], Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a positive review! It truly made our day to hear your feedback about [mention specific aspect of the review]. We appreciate you choosing [Business Name]!”
  • “Warmest wishes for a joyful [holiday] from the team at [Business Name]! Thank you for being a part of our journey this year. We appreciate your support and look forward to serving you in the year ahead!”
  • “Happy Birthday, [Customer Name]! We at [Business Name] want to wish you a wonderful day filled with joy and celebration. Thank you for being a customer, and enjoy this special birthday discount [offer discount code].”


Source: Rightly Royce

  • “Dear [Customer Name], We wanted to thank you for going above and beyond recently. Your [mention specific action] was truly appreciated and reflects the kind of community we strive to build. Thank you!”
  • “As a token of our appreciation for your [mention specific action], we’d like to offer you [special reward, e.g., free service, personalized gift]. Thank you for being such a fantastic customer!”
  • “Wow, thanks for choosing us! We know you had other options, and frankly, some of them were probably shinier and had fancier names. But you chose us, and that’s pretty awesome. High fives all around, and thank you for your business!”
  • “We donut know how to thank you enough for your business! Seriously, your support means the world to us. Pun intended (or not intended, depending on your pastry preference).”
  • “Cheers to [number] years of partnership! Thank you for being with us on this incredible journey. Here’s to many more!”
  • “We’re thrilled to be a part of your success story. Thank you for choosing [Your Business Name] as your partner on this journey.”
  • “Our team extends our sincere thanks for your support. We’re grateful to have customers like you who make our work enjoyable.”
  • “Thank you for supporting local businesses like ours. Your commitment to the community is truly appreciated.”
  • “Welcome to the [Your Business Name] family! We appreciate your membership and look forward to delivering exclusive benefits to you.”
  • “We’re grateful for the partnership we’ve built with your business. Thank you for choosing [Your Business Name] as your collaborator.”
  • “The best is yet to come! We’re excited about the future and grateful to have you on this journey with us. Thank you for being a valued customer.”

Thank you message exmaple

Write the perfect thank-you email

Writing thank-you messages to customers requires careful consideration. It also requires a genuine touch to make a lasting impression and build trust.

Here are steps to help you write better thank you emails:

Write a catchy subject line

The subject line is the most important element that determines your email open rates. Make an effort to pique the interest of your target audience in the subject line. 

However, it is advisable to hold off on trying to come up with a subject line that sounds clever and witty. Below are some excellent examples of thank-you email subject lines for you to use:

  • We’re excited to have you as our customer
  • We are delighted that you have selected our services
  • Thank you for your order 
  • We appreciate your loyalty
  • Thank you 🫶

Express genuine gratitude

Your opening statement should express genuine gratitude. Send a heartwarming message when thanking the customer for subscribing to your newsletter. Also, thank them for buying from your brand and for being loyal customers. Always try to keep a friendly tone to build or strengthen your relationship.

Encourage further engagement

A “thank you for supporting my small business” message fosters further engagement. You can suggest relevant products based on a customer’s purchase. You can also invite them to explore other categories, but don’t do a hardsell.

Encourage them to connect with you on social media for exclusive offers, updates, and community engagement. If you have a blog with valuable content, highlight a relevant article related to their purchase.

Incorporate visuals

Integrating images, GIFs, and videos into your thank you message can increase its impact. It also helps to create a brand identity. Consider adding celebratory animations or product-related visuals. You can also add a short video message from the founder, CEO, or sales head.

Seek feedback

Along with saying thank you to customers, you can request feedback with a clear call to action and explain how it helps you improve. You can create a small survey or a feedback form to collect specific customer input. You can also encourage them to visit your social media pages and share their feedback. 

End with a professional closing

A great way to conclude thank you emails is by using phrases such as “Thanks!” 

Referencing the specific product they purchased would be beneficial. Alternatively, you can ask if there are any additional ways you can assist them within the scope of your business offerings.

Customize your closing to align with your brand’s unique tone. However, ensure it caters to your specific audience. Choose from options like “Sincerely,” “Warmly,” or “Best regards.” Also include your company name and contact information in your closing.

Test before sending

A/B test different subject lines, visuals, and calls to action. This helps you know what resonates most with your audience. It’s also important to optimize your thank you emails for maximum impact.

Following the steps outlined above can help you write an impactful thank you email. They can help you effectively convey your gratitude.

Thank-you message best practices

Expressing gratitude should be at the core of any thank-you email. However, the message itself holds immense marketing potential.

In this section, we’ll explore the seven best practices for crafting a small business thank-you note that stands out.

1. Personalize your message

A simple “thanks” may suffice when sending an informal message. However, adding a personal touch when expressing sincere gratitude is essential. 

Begin your message by addressing the recipient by name. Reference the specific act or gesture you’re grateful for as well. It shows you are attentive and take the time to acknowledge their actions.

2. Highlight the relationship

Weaving elements of your relationship into the message strengthens its impact. Share how their actions align with your business’s shared values. You can also reflect on their strengths as friends or business partners. 

3. Offer additional value

Don’t stop at mere thanks. Consider offering something in return, even if it’s a simple gesture. This could be reciprocating their help, recommending them to others, or publicly endorsing their work. 

Consider the following example by PowerAbs:

Additional power example by PowerAbs

Image via Milled

PowerAbs did a great job of expressing gratitude. It went further to add value by providing the recipient with a discount.

4. Keep it concise

A succinct message shows respect for their time. Customers are busy, and they might skim through lengthy thank messages. They might ignore it altogether. Briefly expressing gratitude guarantees that you convey your message. 

Let’s take a look at this example from Crate and Barrel.A concise thank you example by Crate & Barrel

This is an excellent example of a brief and sweet thank-you letter. The note is straightforward and conveys gratitude for the purchase. The company also includes its contact information for any additional assistance or concerns.

Image via Pinterest

5. Make it timely

Being prompt demonstrates your attentiveness and sincere appreciation for their efforts.

Being prompt shows high attentiveness and expertise. It also makes customers feel valued and acknowledged. 

When you take advantage of the opportune moment, your message has a higher retention rate.  It also establishes a positive experience, which helps to reinforce the customer relationship.

Always aim to send your message within 24 hours for optimal impact.

6. Encourage further intercation

You’ve sent a pleasant thank you message, and your customer feels valued. However, that should not be the end of that interaction. 

A  thank you message is positive, but there will be lingering unexploited opportunities without further communication. To counter that, you could end that email with a simple question about their experience or a special deal for loyal customers. 

Here’s a thank you email from Litmus.

A thank you email example by Litmus

Image via Milled

The letter ends by asking what the reader is thankful for. This helps them continue the conversation on Litmus’ social media page. 

Taking this extra step starts a conversation between you and the customer. It will help you improve and tailor your relationships with customers in the future. Conversations provide useful information; they make customers happier and more loyal. 

7. Follow up

What would happen if you thanked a friend for a gift after weeks had passed? While they might appreciate the sentiment, the impact wouldn’t be the same as thanking them immediately. 

The same applies to customers. Following up with a thank-you message soon after their interaction shows you’re genuinely grateful and attentive to their business. 

It’s like saying, “Your choice mattered, and I haven’t forgotten.” Additionally, following up allows you to address any lingering questions or concerns. It helps you demonstrate your commitment to their satisfaction.

Using these best practices in your thank-you messages can turn a simple act of gratitude into a powerful way to connect meaningfully with people.

How to share a thank-you message to customers?

After learning how to compose a thank-you note, the next step is to choose an appropriate delivery method.

 Here are a few suggestions for you to consider:

  • Email: Perfect for personalized messages after purchases, offering discounts, or sharing product updates. Keep it concise and relevant to their experience.
  • Social media: Public shoutouts on Twitter or Instagram show appreciation and increase brand awareness. Tag the customer for added impact.
  • With parcels: Include handwritten notes or small gifts with purchases. This personal touch adds a warm surprise and strengthens the memory of your brand.
  • In-person gestures: A sincere face-to-face “thank you” creates memorable service experiences. Combining it with a discount voucher helps build a lasting connection.

Examining the customer’s relationship with your brand is critical when selecting the best channel. Also, consider how they will interact with your brand and your overall communication strategy. 

For instance, a handwritten note may have more impact on a first-time buyer than a social media shoutout.

Combining an in-person thank you with a discount can leave a lasting impression in cases of exceptional service.

Ultimately, knowing the different channels and contexts enables you to express gratitude towards your customers. Your thank you for supporting my small business message will be more thoughtful and impactful.

Thank you for supporting my small business email: Wrap up

Writing your thank-you email with care allows you to show appreciation. It also lets you create a positive thread that will last. 

Being grateful and saying it genuinely makes the message stronger. It shows how much you value the relationship. 

When next you show appreciation, use this guide and watch your business flourish.

Stacy Kimbell
Stacy Kimbell
Co-founder & Chief Editor
Stacy Kimbell has nine years of experience in email marketing. She's worked with different email platforms and created many successful email campaigns for online and offline, well-established as well as family businesses. Stacy is excited to share her expertise with readers.

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