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100+ Best Thanksgiving email subject lines + AI-powered tools

By Stacy Kimbell

September 22, 2023

Thanksgiving is a crucial time for ecommerce. It kicks off the holiday shopping season, and spurs increased online sales.

However, there are two sides to every coin. Despite the increased sales opportunities during this period, it also brings about heightened competition.

With numerous retailers flooding customers’ inboxes with promotions, distinguishing oneself becomes challenging.

One promising approach is to make a lasting first impression. The subject line is like the front door of your email, and it really affects how effective your campaign will be.

A substantial 47% of email recipients decide whether to open an email solely based on its subject line.

Source: invespcro.com

For inspiration, we have curated a list of some of the most engaging Thanksgiving email subject lines. Later in the article, we’ll also discuss helpful AI tools to assist you.

Let’s dive right in.

When should you start sending Thanksgiving emails?

The timing for sending Thanksgiving emails is a delicate balance.

While you don’t want to jump the gun too early, waiting until the last minute can mean your message gets lost in the holiday shuffle.

Typically, it’s recommended to start sending Thanksgiving emails about two to three weeks before the holiday. This allows you to capture the attention of early bird shoppers and those who like to plan in advance.

Alternatively, consider commencing your Thanksgiving email campaign in October to coincide with Amazon Prime Day. This presents an excellent opportunity to initiate your holiday deals and early-access promotions.

Furthermore, according to research conducted by Omnisend, the optimal times to send emails are at 8pm, 2pm, or 5pm.

Remember that the exact timing may vary depending on your audience and industry. It’s essential to monitor engagement metrics and adjust your email schedule accordingly.

125 best Thanksgiving email subject lines

The next hurdle is crafting the email after determining the right timing for your Thanksgiving emails.

A crucial part of this is nailing down a compelling subject line. Given the limited attention spans of today’s consumers, this can be quite challenging.

Fortunately, tools like Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Klaviyo and Omnisend offer AI-generated subject lines to ease the marketer’s job. Omnisend even provides a free email subject line tester. It evaluates factors like character count, word choice, and capitalization style, assigning a percentage-based score for subject lines. About these tools a bit later.

In this section, you will find top-performing Thanksgiving email subject lines, along with their corresponding scores.

Gratitude-themed subject lines

Crafting gratitude-themed subject lines for your Thanksgiving email campaign is an excellent way to connect with your audience personally.

These subject lines should evoke a sense of appreciation and warmth. This way, you let your customers know how much you value their support.

Let’s take a look at some examples:

  • We’re thankful for your support! (100%)
  • We’re feeling thankful! Celebrate with us. (92%)
  • Appreciating you this Thanksgiving season (83%)
  • Giving thanks for your trust. (92%)
  • Celebrating you: Thanksgiving savings ahead (83%)
  • Warmest thanks for your continued support! (83%)
  • Your patronage makes a difference. (92%)
  • Join us in thanking you this Thanksgiving season. (75%)
  • Your loyalty matters: Thanksgiving treats (83%)
  • Our gratitude: Special Thanksgiving offers (83%)
  • Thanks for being you (83%)
  • What we’re grateful for… (92%)
  • Counting blessings: Thanksgiving discounts (75%)
  • We’re feeling EXTRA grateful today! (92%)
  • Cheers to you: Enjoy Thanksgiving perks (92%)
  • Gratitude feast: Unwrap holiday savings (83%)
  • Gravy boat of deals: Holiday gratitude (83%)
  • Giving thanks with discounts: Holiday cheer (83%)
  • Thank you for being part of our journey (83%)
  • It’s a time to give thanks (92%)

Subject lines containing emojis

Emojis make emails feel more engaging, helping recipients quickly understand the message’s tone and content. Additionally, they can enhance the subject line’s relevance, particularly for occasions like Thanksgiving.

So, the big question is, which emojis should you go for? Emojis can carry different meanings, so making smart choices is essential.

To help you out, here are a few examples:

  • Thanksgiving cheers 🥂: Exclusive holiday deals inside! (75%)
  • 🍁 Warm wishes: Thanksgiving discounts galore! (75%)
  • Thanksgiving deals that sparkle 🌟 (83%)
  • Feast mode 🍗: Thanksgiving savings specials! (83%)
  • Join the Thanksgiving celebration! 🦃 (83%)
  • Happy Thanksgiving from [brand_name] ❤️ (75%)
  • 5 Thanksgiving offers for you! 🍗 (75%)
  • Pie lovers, Thanksgiving savings await! 🥧 (75%)
  • Savor Thanksgiving discounts! 🛒 (83%)
  • Gobble till you wobble 🦃 – Holiday discounts! (75%)
  • Thanksgiving deals that sparkle! 🌟 (83%)
  • Enjoy holiday cheer 🥂: Exclusive Thanksgiving offers! (75%)
  • 5 Thanksgiving rewards for you! 🍗 (75%)
  • Don’t miss out on our Thanksgiving sale ✨ (75%)
  • Unlock unique Thanksgiving offers! 🦃 (83%)
  • The Thanksgiving countdown begins ✨ (83%)
  • Delicious discounts for Thanksgiving! 🛒 (75%)
  • Warm up to Thanksgiving deals! 🍂 (83%)
  • Grateful hearts 💓 await Thanksgiving discounts! (75%)
  • It’s all about gratitude ❤️ (83%)

Subject lines for Pre-Thanksgiving

To offer customers early access to deals, you need powerful Pre-Thanksgiving email subject lines. These give businesses a competitive edge, engaging customers and reducing last-minute shopping stress.

Furthermore, because people can be busy on Thanksgiving Day, this approach is timely and practical.

You can experiment with the following pre-Thanksgiving subject lines:

  • Early Thanksgiving savings: Shop smart! (83%)
  • Stock up for Thanksgiving with discounts! (83%)
  • Start your Thanksgiving prep with savings! (83%)
  • Turkey Day prep: Grab these deals now! (83%)
  • Get a head start on Thanksgiving preps! (83%)
  • Early bird gets the Thanksgiving discounts! (75%)
  • Pre-Thanksgiving sale extravaganza! (75%)
  • Grab a 20% discount for Pre-Thanksgiving (92%)
  • Thanksgiving essentials: Stock up now! (92%)
  • A sneak peek into our Thanksgiving deals (75%)
  • 23 days left: Pre-Thanksgiving savings spree! (83%)
  • Peek into our Thanksgiving deals… (75%)
  • Wishing You A Happy Thanksgiving Eve! (92%)
  • Order now to get gifts on time (83%)
  • Don’t push it to the last minute! (75%)
  • 14 weeks to Thanksgiving: 14% discount! (92%)
  • 6 days left: Thanksgiving bargains await! (83%)
  • Countdown begins: 16 Thanksgiving offers! (83%)
  • Unlock Pre-Thanksgiving discounts today! (83%)

Personalized subject lines

Thanksgiving is indeed a time when countless brands inundate consumers’ inboxes with promotional emails. These emails often tend to be generic and fail to acknowledge the recipient as an individual.

In such a competitive landscape, personalized subject lines become a powerful tool. They stand out by personalizing emails with recipient names and tailored content.

Here are some of the best Thanksgiving email subject lines that leverage personalization:

  • [Name], get ready to save big for Thanksgiving! (75%)
  • Your Thanksgiving prep guide, [Name]: Shop smart! (75%)
  • 5 Thanksgiving bargains just for you (75%)
  • [Name], early access to Thanksgiving discounts! (75%)
  • [Name], get ready to save (92%)
  • Sneak peek: Your customized Thanksgiving discounts! (83%)
  • Prepare for Thanksgiving your way: Start now! (75%)
  • [Name], your Thanksgiving savings: Don’t miss these (83%)
  • [Name], done with your Thanksgiving shopping? (83%)
  • Thanksgiving isn’t over yet, [Name]. (83%)

Humorous subject lines

Yet another effective strategy is to tap into the lighthearted spirit of Thanksgiving.

This is a time for family gatherings, delicious feasts, and, often, a sense of joy and relaxation. Humor in subject lines adds a playful touch that resonates with recipients, making them more likely to open the email.

Consider these funny Thanksgiving email subject lines for your campaign:

  • Stuff your cart, not just the turkey! (83%)
  • Pie before turkey? Why not! (Plus, extra savings!) (75%)
  • Turkey’s for dinner, discounts are for shopping! (75%)
  • Save room for savings after the turkey (75%)
  • Turkey & savings: A perfect pair! (83%)
  • Savings hotter than grandma’s gravy! (83%)
  • Don’t be a turkey, grab discounts now… (83%)
  • Stuffing and discounts: Double the pleasure! (75%)
  • Feast mode: On for laughs and savings! (75%)
  • Savings as sweet as pie, no joke. (75%)
  • Turkey’s roasting, savings are toasting! (83%)
  • Get stuffed… with savings! (92%)
  • Don’t skip dessert, or our discounts! (83%)
  • Savings so delicious, you’ll want seconds (92%)
  • Are you already done treating yourself? (92%)
  • Turkey: 1, Discounts: 0! (92%)
  • Savings pie: have a slice (or two)! (75%)
  • Turkey can’t talk, but savings can! (100%)


Last reminder subject lines

Sending last reminder emails with compelling subject lines is crucial during Thanksgiving. With so many distractions and offers, they might forget about your deals.

These emails serve as a final nudge, helping to recapture their attention and ensuring that potential sales are not lost in the holiday chaos.

Here’s some inspiration to get you started:

  • Act fast: Thanksgiving savings end soon! (92%)
  • Reminder: Thanksgiving deals fading fast (83%)
  • Happy Thanksgiving! BOGO ends today. (83%)
  • Time’s ticking: Grab Thanksgiving deals today! (92%)
  • You don’t want to miss this one… (92%)
  • Final warning: Thanksgiving discounts going! (75%)
  • Don’t miss out: 1 day left to save big! (75%)
  • Reminder: Thanksgiving savings end tomorrow (83%)
  • Time’s running out: Grab 70% off now! (83%)
  • Here’s one last chance (75%)
  • Here’s another chance ONLY for you (75%)
  • $25 off – 12 hours left (92%)
  • Thanksgiving deals vanishing in 3, 2,… (83%)
  • Final reminder: 2 days left for exclusive deals! (83%)
  • Hurry, just 2 days left for our best discounts (83%)
  • Nobody likes regrets. Shop NOW! (92%)
  • Don’t miss out: 48 hours to save! (83%)
  • 5 hours left for bargains! (92%)
  • Last gobble for savings: Shop now! (92%)
  • Hurry, Thanksgiving savings nearly extinct (83%)

Cooking-related subject lines

Thanksgiving is a holiday centered around delicious meals and culinary traditions. This makes cooking-related Thanksgiving email subject lines resonate with recipients.

These subject lines can pique interest, offer recipe ideas, and inspire recipients to engage with your brand for their holiday cooking needs.

Here are a few cooking-related subject lines for you to try out:

  • Discover Thanksgiving culinary delights today! (75%)
  • 10 Thanksgiving cooking tips and tricks inside (75%)
  • Prepare a mouthwatering Thanksgiving spread! (75%)
  • 5 pantry essentials for Thanksgiving’23 (83%)
  • 7 secrets for a stress-free Thanksgiving feast! (75%)
  • Try these 6 Thanksgiving recipes… (100%)
  • Get ready to roast: 5 turkey cooking techniques! (83%)

Homecoming-related subject lines

Thanksgiving is a time when families and friends come together to celebrate, often from far and wide.

The following subject lines tap into the essence of reuniting with loved ones, creating warm sentiments:

  • Home sweet home: Thanksgiving reunion delights! (75%)
  • Homecoming tales + limited-time deals… (92%)
  • Give thanks with savings: Exclusive family gift offers! (75%)
  • Gifts of gratitude: Thanksgiving savings, 40% off (75%)
  • 25 things to make you feel at home (92%)
  • Thanksgiving love: Gifting happiness, 20% off! (83%)
  • Bonding and savings: 10 Thanksgiving specials (83%)
  • Thanksgiving gifting can be cheap. Seriously! (83%)
  • Hugs, turkey, and home: Thanksgiving joy! (75%)
  • Family feast: Seasonal savings of $50! (92%)

Subject line generators powered by AI

Recently, many email marketing tools have incorporated AI-powered subject line generators. Using these, you can craft engaging Thanksgiving email subject lines in seconds.

However, with numerous options, selecting the right tool can take time and effort. Let’s take a closer look at a few platforms that offer this feature:


Klaviyo’s subject line assistant is a versatile tool, crafting subject lines for both email campaigns and automated workflows. Its generator suggests subject lines tailored to the specific workflow you’re creating.

Additionally, it offers valuable tips to enhance the impact of your subject lines. It’s important to note that access to this tool requires a Klaviyo account.


ActiveCampaign provides a free subject line generator that formulates email subject lines based on keywords. You can opt for one of three categories: Pain Points, Benefits, or Topics.

Simply select the category that aligns with your content and enter your keyword. The tool then generates four subject lines, with the option to generate more.


Omnisend also offers an AI-driven subject line generator for anyone to use. To use it, enter at least five keywords and briefly describe your email’s purpose.

Omnisend will subsequently create personalized, high-performing subject lines tailored to your campaign. Additionally, for those who already have a subject line in mind, Omnisend presents a subject line testing feature.


The Mailchimp Subject Line Helper is designed to evaluate your subject lines based on best practices from the performance data of hundreds of millions of emails sent through Mailchimp. 

When your subject line adheres to these tips, you’ll see a reassuring green checkmark next to each one. However, if your subject line deviates from these guidelines, the tool will provide an alert and suggestions for improvement. The Helper is accessible only to Mailchimp customers.

Wrap up

With a little thought, you can come up with great Thanksgiving email subject lines that get noticed. It’s all about finding the balance between being creative and speaking to your subscribers’ interests.

Before you dive into planning your Thanksgiving email campaign, take a moment to think about who you’re sending these emails to.

Furthermore, you might find email subject line testers and generators useful. These tools assist in crafting captivating subject lines, leading to improved engagement and higher open rates.

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