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Email marketing news roundup [May 2024]

By Stacy Kimbell

June 6, 2024

It can be challenging to keep up with numerous tools and the ever-changing email landscape. At Email Tools Guide, we understand this challenge.

That’s why we recently launched a monthly email marketing news digest to keep you informed. It aims to help you:

  • Stay updated on trends, platforms, and more.
  • Learn about industry updates, including best practices and regulations.
  • Access key reports and insights for a strategic edge.
  • Enhance your ROI by tailoring campaigns based on current insights.

This edition highlights updates from major ecommerce and email platforms, including email marketing’s latest news, feature updates, and integrations to enhance their products. We’ll also provide details on virtual events relevant to marketers.

Take a closer look at the May 2024 email marketing roundup and discover why it matters.

Top five latest email marketing news, May 2024

  • ActiveCampaign launches an online community
  • Omnisend enhances Product Reviews
  • Shopify strengthens B2B capabilities
  • Klaviyo rolls out a new integration for TikTok
  • Registrations are now open for the DTCx SMS Summit

1. ActiveCampaign launches an online community

Online communities foster knowledge sharing, support, and networking among users. They are hands-down one of the most valuable features of online marketing tools and platforms. In May 2024, ActiveCampaign launched an in-app community for users. 

Accessible directly from the ActiveCampaign dashboard, this community offers:

  • Support and help documents: The community’s search feature brings up the most useful help documents. Plus, access a wealth of resources prioritized by AI, making it easy to find answers.
  • Access to experts: It provides free, personalized consultations with customer success experts, making it easier to get support and strategic advice.
  • User collaboration: This feature allows you to connect, grow, and collaborate with fellow ActiveCampaign users. It is an effective way to share experiences, gain insights, and feel supported in your email marketing journey.
  • Latest product updates: Stay informed with the “What’s New in ActiveCampaign” tab, providing easy access to release notes. These detail the new features, improvements, and fixes in each update.

Read more about ActiveCampaign Communities here.

2. Omnisend enhances Product Reviews with new features

In April 23, Omnisend introduced a Product Reviews feature. It enables automatic review requests and showcases positive feedback on Shopify. 

Plus, your product ratings appear in Google search results, and you can encourage reviews with reminders or discounts. All these features are now live.

In May, Omnisend unveiled additional review-related features. Here’s what to expect:

  • Automation workflows: Four pre-built automations to streamline the process of requesting reviews and following up with customers to thank them. Customization allows you to adjust timing, content, and discount offers to suit your brand’s needs.
  • Audience segmentation: You can now segment your audience using product review details like rating, title, and reviewer name. This addition opens up new ways to refine your marketing and engagement strategies.
  • Review management: There’s now an option to access submitted product reviews directly within the contact profile activity. This enables quick referencing and analysis.

Omnisend unveils these updates in its latest product update video, showcasing a remarkably creative approach. Who would have imagined product updates likened to spicy hot wings? Don’t miss out; watch the video!


Video via YouTube

3. Shopify strengthens B2B capabilities

Although we all know Shopify as a hosting platform for ecommerce and B2C businesses, it has been building its B2B functionalities since 2022. Today, Shopify’s wholesale capabilities are integrated directly into its admin, offering:

  • Powerful features and APIs for wholesale: Robust tools and APIs tailored for B2B operations. This provides comprehensive functionality for managing wholesale transactions.
  • Tailored buying experiences: The option to create customized catalogs and offer personalized pricing. Cater to the specific needs of B2B customers, enhancing their purchasing experience.
  • Personalized storefronts: Customize storefronts with specialized B2B themes, and custom Liquid code. Alternatively, headless commerce ensures a seamless and branded B2B shopping experience.
  • Direct connection with buyers: The ability to establish direct connections with buyers, eliminating the need for intermediaries or distributors. This enables better control over the sales process and margins.
  • Integration with tech stack: Shopify offers seamless integrations with your existing tech stack. Manage all aspects of your B2B operations from a unified back office, ensuring efficiency.

Many major brands have seen advantages from this functionality. They cite quicker processes, simplicity, and enhanced customer satisfaction as the primary gains.

Discover more about this feature and its offerings here.

4. Klaviyo rolls out a new integration for TikTok

US retail social-commerce sales are projected to reach $80 billion by 2025. To seize this opportunity, Klaviyo has launched an integration with TikTok. It aims to enhance ad efficiency and drive higher conversions.

Here’s how this integration can assist you:

  • Intelligent segmentation: Klaviyo’s intelligent segmentation delivers hyper-personalized ad experiences on TikTok. This ensures authenticity and relevance and maximizes return on ad spend (ROAS).
  • Streamlined audience management: The integration enables brands to save time with dynamically synced audiences. It eliminates the need for manual importing/exporting of CSVs.
  • Seamless advertising experience: The partnership between Klaviyo and TikTok provides advertisers with a seamless way to run ROI-driven ads. It offers hyper-personalized advertising capabilities.
  • Performance tracking: Gain insights into the performance of targeted ads or ad groups, ensuring maximum impact and efficiency.

Read more about this integration here.

5. Registrations are now open for the DTC x SMS Summit

SMS marketing has transformed DTC ecommerce brands. It provides a unique opportunity to reach customers directly and immediately, boasting exceptionally high open and reply rates. SMS stands out, unlike email, which often gets lost in crowded inboxes.

Attentive and Gorgias have teamed up to host a DTCx SMS Summit. Scheduled for June 26, 2024, the summit is part of the largest virtual ecommerce gathering, which attracts over 7,000 attendees worldwide.

Entrepreneurs, merchants, vendors, and innovators should not miss this opportunity. For more information about the event and registration, visit this website.

Wrap up

Our May 2024 email marketing roundup provides valuable insights into the latest trends, email tool updates, and industry innovations.

Staying up-to-date with new features, integrations, and strategies can help you leverage them. Ultimately, this helps you drive engagement and achieve better results. 

Don’t miss out on future roundup editions to stay ahead of the curve.

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Stacy Kimbell
Stacy Kimbell
Co-founder & Chief Editor
Stacy Kimbell has nine years of experience in email marketing. She's worked with different email platforms and created many successful email campaigns for online and offline, well-established as well as family businesses. Stacy is excited to share her expertise with readers.

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