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100 Best Black Friday email subject lines + tips for 2023

By Stacy Kimbell

August 29, 2023

In the world of ecommerce, Black Friday and Cyber Monday still reign supreme as the ultimate shopping craze.

As per research by Adobe Analytics, shoppers set new spending records with $11.3 billion on Cyber Monday and $9.12 billion on Black Friday in 2022.

However, this also means that many ecommerce retailers are competing for consumer attention around this time.

Considering consumers’ short attention spans, it’s crucial to captivate customers and boost sales.

As numerous shoppers actively seek online deals, investing in personalized email campaigns becomes an effective and budget-friendly approach to reach them. So, every year, marketers send billions of messages to their customers, vying for their attention. As a marketer, you must be bold and visible to win the competition with your rivals during the BFCM (Black Friday and Cyber Monday) period.

This article will explore compelling Black Friday email subject lines and smart tips to help you stand out in inboxes.

100 best Black Friday email subject lines for email marketing

Inboxes are flooded with emails during Black Friday, so a strong subject line is critical.

Tools like Klaviyo or Omnisend offer AI-generated subject lines to make things easy for marketers. Omnisend even provides a free email subject line tester.

The tool evaluates your subject line using character count, word choice, capitalization style, and metrics. It then assigns a percentage-based score to your subject line. This helps you to write a subject line that engages and converts.

subject line tester Omnisend

In this section, you’ll discover some of the best Black Friday email subject lines, accompanied by their respective scores.

Pre-Black Friday teaser subject lines

  • 1 day to exclusive Black Friday (100%)
  • Countdown: Big discounts await you 🤑 (92%)
  • First look: Pre-Black Friday unveiled (83%)
  • 2 hours left: Secret deals inside 🔥 (83%)
  • BLACK FRIDAY PREVIEW! 30% off everything (92%)
  • Let’s Black Friday early ⏰ (83%)
  • 12 hours of irresistible deals! (92%)
  • Your early access code to our sale (83%)
  • 4, 3, 2… Sale opens soon! (92%)
  • Are you ready for 50% off? (100%)
  • Early access alert: Prepare for savings (83%)
  • 50% off: Pre-Black Countdown Begins! (92%)
  • Get 20% off: 20 days left! 💥 (92%)
  • Unwrap BIG SAVINGS in 24 hours… (92%)
  • Why wait until Black Friday? (83%)
  • BLACK SALE! 🔥 Brace yourself. (83%)
  • It’s nearly time to save BIG! (92%)
  • Hurry and grab the best deals! (92%)
  • 100 Pre-Black Deals: Grab NOW! (100%)
  • Sneak Peek: 6 hours to joy ⏳ (83%)

Last Minute Black Friday Subject Lines

  • Hurry! Limited-time Black Friday Offers! (92%)
  • Almost gone! Shop fast 🚀 (83%)
  • Black Friday ENDS TOMORROW (92%)
  • 50% off everything! One last time… (92%)
  • Last 4 hours of unbeatable deals! (92%)
  • Don’t miss out on big savings! (83%)
  • 1 hour left: Black Friday Madness! (92%)
  • Final Push: ⏳ Black Friday Countdown (83%)
  • Hurry! Black Friday deals running out (92%)
  • Last 5 hours of Black Deals! (92%)
  • It’ll soon be too late… (92%)
  • Time’s ticking: Black Friday closing (92%)
  • Black Friday Ends: 3, 2, 1… (92%)
  • Final hours: Black Friday blowout (83%)
  • Regrets suck. Grab big discounts NOW! (92%)
  • 48 hours only: 40% off everything! (92%)
  • Grab ’em before they’re gone 💥 (83%)
  • Ends SOON! Black Friday deals $25 & under (83%)
  • One last time: Black Friday ends today (83%)
  • 🎉 Last-Minute Black Friday Bonanza! (83%)

Thanksgiving subject lines

  • Get these great deals for Thanksgiving (92%)
  • Thanksgiving joy: Exclusive offers inside (83%)
  • Hurry, 50% off: Thanksgiving delights! (100%)
  • Happy Thanksgiving! (Plus, get 30% OFF sitewide) (83%)
  • Your early Black Friday offer 🔥 (92%)
  • Thanksgiving Eve! 25% Off EVERYTHING! (92%)
  • Thank you for everything! (92%)
  • Big deals! Thanksgiving sale now on (83%)
  • Thanksgiving delights: Exclusive deals await! (83%)
  • Giving thanks 🍁: 50% off all products (92%)
  • Don’t miss out! Thanksgiving deals inside (83%)
  • A special deal to thank you (92%)
  • Happy Thanksgiving! Buy one, get one (92%)
  • Celebrate with 30% off: Thanksgiving joy! (83%)
  • Buy Thanksgiving presents at a discount (83%)
  • Thanksgiving’23: It’s raining offers! (83%)
  • We really want to thank you! (92%)
  • Hope you saved room for some sweet deals (83%)
  • Early access: Thanksgiving sale starts now! (83%)
  • Celebrate Thanksgiving with our sale! (92%)

Check out this article for more Thanksgiving subject lines and ideas.

Cyber Monday subject lines

  • Save big this Cyber Monday –  50% Off (83%)
  • Ready, set, shop: 24-hour Cyber deals (92%)
  • Cyber Mania’23: Exclusive Discounts 🤩 (92%)
  • It’s Cyber Monday. Treat yourself! (83%)
  • Cyber Monday? Think Cyber Week Instead! (83%)
  • Cyber Monday countdown: 3 hours left (92%)
  • Cyber Monday sales: Grab 50% off! (92%)
  • INSIDE: A special Cyber Monday offer (92%)
  • A Monday morning sweeter than ever! (83%)
  • Celebrate Cyber Monday with FREE shipping (83%)
  • Shop now: Cyber Monday savings live! (83%)
  • Cyber Monday countdown: 4 offers left (92%)
  • Hurry! Limited-time Cyber Monday deals! (92%)
  • Get an extra 10% for Cyber Monday (92%)
  • Cyber Monday madness: 8 hours to go (92%)
  • Brand new offers for Cyber Monday! (92%)
  • Shop more, spend less: Cyber Monday (83%)
  • 25% off select items: Cyber Monday deal (83%)
  • Black Friday’s Gone, Cyber Monday’s On! (83%)
  • Cyber Monday frenzy: Top deals revealed (83%)
  • Cyber magic: Offers await you! (92%)

Giving Tuesday subject lines

  • Join us in giving back today (83%)
  • Donate now and make a difference (92%)
  • Today, shop for a better tomorrow (92%)
  • #GivingTuesday is a week away! (83%)
  • A dollar can change lives (92%)
  • Done shopping? Please take time to give! (83%)
  • Support a charity with your shopping (92%)
  • YOU made it happen! (83%)
  • Spread hope this #GivingTuesday (83%)
  • What happens to your dollar today? (92%)
  • With your help, we can do more! (83%)
  • We’re in the mood to give! Are you? (83%)
  • [First_name], they need your support! (92%)
  • Update: 79 donations to go… (100%)
  • The most meaningful gift you can give (83%)
  • Donate $5 & get 30% off any product (92%)
  • Support them and we’ll support you! (100%)
  • 1 day left; 6 reasons to give (83%)
  • Why we need $3.97 from YOU today! (92%)
  • YOUR gift resulted in this smile! (92%)

With these Black Friday email subject lines in hand, you might be curious about creating an engaging email overall. In the next section, we’ll discuss practical strategies for the same.

14 quick tips for Black Friday email campaigns

Your usual email strategy probably won’t work during the busiest inbox time of the year. So, here are some quick tips for Black Friday email campaigns that’ll likely help boost conversions.

1. Discover what your audience wants

Black Friday is competitive, so providing precisely what your audience desires distinguishes your brand from the crowd.

Before you plan your Black Friday email campaigns, take some time to identify:

  • Successful strategies from last year and lessons learned
  • High-performing products in recent weeks
  • Competitors’ offerings and distinctions
  • Present online consumption patterns
  • Trends in holiday season shopping behaviors

Here’s another tip that works for most sellers: Give your customers a heads-up.

Customers are online shopping-savvy and like to plan for the best Black Friday deals. So, consider sending them a sneak peek email before the sale starts so they know what’s coming.

Ensure they have all the information to decide what to buy online at least a week or two ahead.

2. Grow your subscriber list

As the shopping frenzy approaches, focusing on list growth can significantly amplify your campaign’s impact.

Moreover, this will also improve your overall email marketing ROI.

You can use standard list-building techniques such as popups or landing pages to expand your mailing list, but infuse them with a unique Black Friday touch.

Here are some things you should include:

  • A headline that highlights the benefits of signing up for your emails
  • A note on why now’s the perfect time to subscribe
  • High-quality visuals for your popup to stand out
  • A compelling call-to-action (CTA)

You can use a quality landing page builder like Mailchimp, Flodesk, Privy, or Omnisend offers and start growing your email list.

black friday landing pageSource: wisepops.com

3. Segment your audience

Segmenting your audience will allow you to tailor your messages to specific groups within your subscriber base.

This is especially beneficial for ecommerce stores with varied products and audiences.

You can differentiate your email campaigns and Black Friday offers based on recipients. For instance, new subscribers might require more social proof and a larger incentive in the email, as compared to loyal customers who often make purchases even without discounts.

Similarly, you can segment by purchase history, preferences, VIP customers, and more.

Using these segments, you can make the most of marketing automation, which we’ll discuss further in this section.

4. Implement email design best practices

You could have the most attractive deals, but there’s no point if your email can’t convey that effectively. Right from the start, steer clear of using multiple CTAs, a variety of fonts, and a chaotic mix of colors.

Instead, integrate these email design components into your campaigns:

  • A clean layout with a clear hierarchy of information
  • A balance between text and visuals
  • Fonts that are easy to read
  • An easy way for recipients to unsubscribe
  • Compelling, but a limited number of CTAs
  • Alt texts for images so your emails are accessible

You can also incorporate Black Friday-appropriate colors like black and yellow and fonts that radiate a festive vibe.

By following the mentioned tips, you can create an engaging Black Friday email, just like iKhokha:

Source: ReallyGoodEmails.com

iKhokha’s email fulfills all the mentioned criteria. It’s straightforward, and effectively conveys essential information.

Additionally, observe how the email promptly indicates the offer’s validity, addressing a common query during this season.

5. Devise a strong subject line and preheader text

Your Black Friday email subject lines will be the first thing recipients see. They should convey the essence of your offer.

Never underestimate the preheader text. Use it to add details on what to expect in the email.

A strong subject line and preheader text for Black Friday or Cyber Monday email campaigns would be:

  • Benefit-oriented: Tell recipients what’s in the email for them. Showcase savings, exclusive deals, or unique products
  • Curiosity-generating: Pique recipients’ curiosity by including a surprising offer or an intriguing statement
  • Personalized: Address recipients by name or tailor the subject line based on their preferences
  • Emotionally appealing: Evoke emotions like excitement or joy that are associated with Black Friday shopping

Moreover, make sure that the pre-header text complements the subject line. Maintain a clear link between the two, avoiding any sense of disconnect.

Here are a few examples of nicely connecting the subject line and the preheader:

1. Subject line: Regrets suck. Grab big discounts NOW!  

Preheader: 30% off all dresses

2. Subject line: Brand new offers for Cyber Monday!

Preheader: Additional 20% off until midnight.

6. Create a sense of urgency

The most effective Black Friday emails use text and visuals that evoke last-minute urgency, thus triggering a sense of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Done right, this can enhance open and click-through rates.

Here are three key ways to drive the urgency home:

  • Communicate specific timeframes for offers
  • Use the right language
  • Highlight limited quantities

Phrases such as ‘Limited Time Offer’ or ‘Last Chance’ are beneficial in this context. Alternatively, you can use dynamic countdown timers to showcase the ticking clock visually.

Make sure you don’t use Black Friday email subject lines that fail to fulfill their promises. While they may yield higher open rates initially, misleading recipients could lead to unsubscribes.

Look at how Moment uses concise copy to instill urgency. Phrases such as ‘won’t last forever,’ ‘don’t miss your chance,’ and ‘ASAP’ prompt the recipient to take immediate action.

Source: ReallyGoodEmails.com

7. Begin sales before Black Friday weekend

Online searches for Black Friday begin as early as October and continue for weeks beyond. During this phase, consumers are often engaged in thorough research, and have yet to commit to particular brands.

Starting sales early lets you capture shopper attention before the market gets saturated.

Furthermore, distributing traffic over an extended period reduces the risk of website crashes or slow load times.

You also extend your campaign’s duration, providing more opportunities for customers to engage with your offers.

Here’s how electronics company Withings urges its subscribers to ‘wrap up holiday shopping before Black Friday’:

Source: ReallyGoodEmails.com

8. Include compelling CTAs

Ultimately, most Black Friday email campaigns aim to prompt recipients to complete a purchase. Achieving this demands the presence of compelling call-to-action (CTA) buttons.

Here are key components contributing to their effectiveness:

  • Clear language: Your CTA should convey precisely what action you want recipients to take
  • Contrasting design: Use contrasting colors that draw attention to the button
  • Positioning: Ensure that the button is easily accessible without the need to scroll extensively
  • Social proof: Add credibility by including several people who have already taken the desired action. For instance, “Join 20,000 happy shoppers.”

One of the most common mistakes regarding CTAs is using vague language. Using unclear wording like “Click Here” fails to communicate the value of clicking and may not compel action.

Check out how Netflix entices recipients to rejoin their service. The email offers a glimpse of available content, featuring a prominent CTA at the email’s forefront.

Source: ReallyGoodEmails.com

9. Go beyond text and images

Consider going beyond text and images for your email to be genuinely engaging.

Use advanced or interactive elements to create a more immersive experience for recipients.

Businesses can leverage numerous strategies for this purpose. For instance, Bose introduces an engaging scratch-and-reveal concept, unveiling the discount amount recipients are eligible for that year.

This approach captivates the reader’s interest, potentially motivating them to purchase.

Source: ReallyGoodEmails.com

You can use other elements, like GIFs, countdown timers, and clickable carousels.

Another option is directly integrating live social media feeds or real-time updates into your emails. This dynamic approach offers recipients current information, ultimately driving higher conversions.

10. Integrate social media and SMS marketing

Incorporating multiple channels into your marketing strategy boosts your reach and resource efficiency.

Some essential channels are social media and text messages. This is because it typically has high engagement rates.

Promote your Black Friday deals on social media platforms using visually appealing graphics. Additionally, it’s a good idea to leverage social sharing options within your emails.

Look at how Orangewood Guitars includes links to its social media profiles at the end of the email. 

Source: ReallyGoodEmails.com

You can even consider running exclusive social media contests or giveaways directly linked to your email campaigns.

Of course, there are many other channels that you can tap into. These include SMS marketing, push notifications, and influencer marketing.

SMS marketing best practices to skyrocket your social media and SMS efforts.

11. Create automated workflows

Black Friday email campaigns typically require multiple emails. However, managing these manually is often exhausting.

You can leverage marketing automation to send personalized emails catering to recipients’ needs.

To do so, opt for an advanced email marketing automation service that offers workflow builders, triggers, and pre-designed templates.

Some impactful sequences to enhance your Black Friday email strategy include:

  • Early access teasers: Create an exclusive teaser email series for select subscribers, offering early access to Black Friday deals
  • Upsell/cross-sell sequences: Target customers who’ve made purchases with additional Black Friday deals on related items
  • Exclusive VIP offers: Direct tailored VIP deals to shoppers who explore specific web pages and products
  • Abandoned cart emails: Recover revenue by targeting cart abandoners with Black Friday discounts and free shipping

Here’s a relevant example by Pulp & Press:

Source: ReallyGoodEmails.com

Utilizing automation in Black Friday email campaigns enhances the probability of delivering timely and relevant messages.

12. Track performance and use A/B tests

Introducing untested tactics during the Black Friday week could lead to poor performance. So, before bombarding your subscribers’ inboxes, pause to adopt an informed approach.

First, you can monitor metrics such as open, click-through, and conversion rates from last year’s email campaigns. Next, use the data to run specific tests.

For example, if your open rates were lower, conducting an A/B test can help pinpoint whether the issue lies in your subject line.

Similarly, you can A/B test CTA buttons, visuals, or even sending times, thus identifying which components generate the best results.

You can also monitor performance throughout the Black Friday week. Given the continuous flow of emails over several days, this practice can refine your strategy as the holiday season unfolds.

13. Post-purchase follow-ups

Your Black Friday email campaigns shouldn’t end with your customers making a purchase.

After completing the transaction, take some time to engage and nurture the customer relationship. Post-purchase emails can fulfill various purposes, including:

  • Providing immediate order confirmation and tracking details
  • Creating opportunities for upselling and cross-selling related products
  • Offering customer support contact information and requesting feedback

Sending emails like these conveys genuine concern for the customer’s experience. It proves that you care about their satisfaction and not just financial gains.

This will help you build lasting relationships that drive future sales during Cyber Monday and beyond.

14. Plan for Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday

Integrating Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday into your Black Friday email campaign can enhance promotional efforts.

You’ll need to create distinct campaigns for both of these events. 

You can even include a sneak peek of your deals within the Black Friday email campaigns to generate anticipation. Make sure those deals stand out from what you offer on Black Friday.

Alternatively, refer to the Black Friday sale to enhance conversion rates.

Here’s yet another example from iKhokha:

Source: ReallyGoodEmails.com

Wrap up

In the ever-evolving digital shopping landscape, businesses can’t underestimate the power of a well-crafted email. The same applies to the Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend.

Successful campaigns require a blend of compelling Black Friday email subject lines, targeted segmentation, high-quality visuals, and more.

Implementing tips such as integrating SMS and other channels into your strategy and segmenting your audience thoroughly will amplify your campaign’s impact.

While this may sound overwhelming, you don’t have to do it alone. Several email marketing tools can help you with all of this and more.

Ecommerce businesses can benefit from the tools specially designed by Klaviyo, GetResponse, and Omnisend. Moreover, they all provide free plans to test their features and gauge if they’re worth your money.

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