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13 holiday newsletter examples and ideas for 2023

By Stacy Kimbell

September 29, 2023

‘Tis the season to spread joy, and what better way to do so than through the magic of email marketing? 

But December isn’t just about Christmas. A long lineup of celebrations light up the global calendar.

December is a festive extravaganza from Christmas to Hanukkah, Kwanzaa to New Year’s Eve. 

But with so many December occasions to choose from, how do you create an inclusive and engaging newsletter? 

Fret not, for we’re here to help.

You’ll find tips and beautiful holiday newsletter examples in this article. Read on for holiday email subject lines, festive designs, and actionable advice to make your holiday newsletter shine.

December holiday newsletter ideas

December is more than just the end of the year. It’s a canvas of celebrations and traditions. 

As such, it presents an opportunity to connect with audiences in meaningful ways. The festive mood and spirit of giving make the year’s end a perfect time for goodwill messaging.

The key to successful holiday newsletter ideas? Aligning your content with the season’s spirit and your marketing goals.

Some festive days in the 2023 holiday season that have the potential to make your holiday newsletter unique and quirky include:

  • Advent Sunday (3 December): This Sunday marks the beginning of the Christian season of preparation for Christ’s birth and the countdown to Christmas.
  • St. Nicholas Day (6 December): It honors Saint Nicholas and celebrates the spirit of sharing with family and friends. 
  • Hanukkah (8 to 15 December): The Jewish Festival of Lights commemorates the miracle of the oil lamps and the rededication of the second temple in Jerusalem.
  • Christmas (25 December): Celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, which Christians worldwide observe with festive traditions and gift-giving.
  • Boxing Day (26 December): Involves giving to the less fortunate and exchanging gifts.
  • Kwanzaa (26 December to 1 January): A week-long celebration of African-American culture, emphasizing unity, creativity, and community.
  • New Year’s Eve (31 December): Marks the current year’s end and the new year’s beginning. 

Along with these special holidays, the December calendar is loaded with national days and occasions. Here are some important days that you can highlight in your December newsletter.

  • World AIDS Day (1 December)
  • Candle Day (2nd December) 
  • International Day of Persons with Disabilities  (3 December)
  • National Blue Collar Day (8 December)
  • National Pastry Day (9 December)
  • International Day of Veterinary Medicine (9 December)
  • Human Rights Day (10 December)
  • UNICEF Day (11 December)
  • National Gingerbread House Day (12 December)
  • National Violin Day (13 December)
  • National Ice-cream Day (13 December)
  • International Tea Day (14 December)
  • National Maple Syrup Day (17 December)
  • National Crossword Puzzle Day (21 December)
  • Christmas Eve (24 December)
  • National Champagne Day (31 December)

Holiday newsletter examples

If you’re looking for some holiday newsletter examples to inspire your own campaigns, you’ve come to the right place. 

Here are 13 stellar holiday newsletter examples highlighting diverse December celebrations: 

Provide gift ideas for different genders and of different value

The holiday season begins with people searching for gift ideas. Help them navigate and more easily find what they are looking for, whether it’s for their moms and dads, friends, or non-binding gifts for unexpected guests.


Look at how Trespass presents their products for holiday gifting. They use simple holiday-themed photoshoots for visuals and clear grouping:

  • Gifts for her, him, kids
  • Gifts under $10, $20, $50

They also promise the lowest prices, hassle-free returns, and many products at good prices.

Image via Trespass

Create FOMO with last chance to order emails 

Last chance holiday newsletters create urgency by promoting limited-time deals right before the holidays. 

Showcase final remaining inventory or expiring promotions to incentivize immediate purchases. The key is driving a sense of scarcity so readers shop now before the deals are gone.

Last-chance emails work well because customers have pending gifts and holiday shopping. Create fear of missing out (FOMO) to motivate subscribers to buy. 

Skydio – Last Chance 

Last chance Christmas newsletter ideas don’t come any better than Skydio’s style. 

Image via Unlayer

For starters, Skydio ensures brand recall by using a bold color palette that’s in sync with their product. Additionally, its CTA button that says “Get it by Christmas” makes it irresistible. 


Ethical Trade Co

Ethical Trade Co. uses a slightly different approach to timing orders. They don’t pressure customers to order quickly; instead, they provide information in a gentler and more caring way — the last dates by which you can order to receive your gifts in time. They also provide information about extended working hours, the actual festive event, and holiday closure times. This email appears very friendly and considerate.

Image via Ethical Trade Co.

Birchbox – Under the Tree, Just Under the Wire

Birchbox also does a great job of creating urgency in their last chance holiday newsletter. 

Image via Mailmunch

Last-minute shoppers want to know whether their gifts will arrive in time. Birchbox makes it easy for them by giving order deadlines for delivery by Christmas Eve. 

Event invite to celebrate together

The festivals and special days featured in December are all about celebrating together. You can organize events where people can come together as a community and participate in the festivities. 

Shalom Synagogue – A Festival of Lights 

What if you want to do event invites? 

Well, Shalom Synagogue wasn’t lacking for Hanukkah email ideas. Check out how it sent out a Happy Hanukkah message while inviting recipients to celebrate together. 

Image via MailKing

Included is an inviting image of a Menorah with lighted candles and a few Stars of David. Also present are some details about the event, such as the date, time, and venue. 

Special deals crafted for the holiday season

Nothing says you’re appreciative of your customers more than offering them some sweetheart holiday deals. 

Blurb – Very Merry Gifting 

With Christmas fast approaching, Blurb offers 25% savings for its subscribers. This special deal is conveniently provided with two shipping alternatives, depending on your order date. 

And the discount code, ‘LASTCHANCE25’ not only makes the deal more relevant to the Christmas date but also creates a sense of FOMO.

Image via Beautiful Email Newsletters

Rifle Paper Co. – 30% off Everything 

Now, take a look at how Rifle Paper Co. invites its subscribers to dive into its offers.

Image via ReallyGoodEmails

This email is visually stunning with vibrant holiday colors and beautiful fonts. The icing on the cake? A 30% off deal with the equally inviting “Go, Go, Go!” CTA button.  

Educate by sharing tips and stories

Perhaps you’re curious about holiday newsletter examples for the not-so-well-known holidays. 

If that’s the case, then you can’t go wrong with sending out a festive and educational newsletter. 

Color Street – National Christmas Lights Day 

Check out how Color Street informs its subscribers about National Christmas Lights Day through this delightful newsletter.

Image via Deal Town

This email wasn’t just about informing subscribers about the holiday. It also tied in a throwback shade deal while teasing an upcoming calendar of fun games and giveaways.  

Sean John – Kwanzaa series

Next, see how Sean John honors Kwanzaa traditions by doing a 7–day email series on the holiday’s seven principles. In this newsletter example, the fashion store covers Day 5: Nia (Purpose). Notice only 5 candles are lit.  

Image via Seguno

The beauty of this approach is that your subscribers will be looking forward to your emails during the entire campaign. 

Reward with exclusive offers or special collections

There’s no better time than the holidays to reward your loyal customers. 

Package some of your fan-favorite items in special collections or send out exclusive deals, all in the spirit of giving. 

Ivory Ella – Tis the Season 

Here’s how Ivory Ella promotes its cozy collections and deals.

Image via StableWP

Remember to offer engaging and interactive elements when doing custom promotions. These include buttons and hover and image rollover effects. They encourage the reader to explore more offers.

ClassPass – Give ClassPass 

With this innovative newsletter idea, ClassPass adds deeper meaning to festive gifting. The brand backs its membership purchase with a reward that adds great value to the giver as well as the one who receives the gift. That’s sweet!

Image via Mail Designer 365

This also serves as a brilliant strategy to get new customer referrals, if you ask us. 

Get feedback, reflect, and make resolutions

As we bid adieu to the old year and embrace the new, it’s a time for resolutions and reflections.

Boll & Branch – Our New Year’s Resolution is You 

Yours doesn’t have to be the same old “Happy New Year” email. Like Boll & Branch, you could take a more thoughtful approach by including an interactive survey. An intimate, reflective tone helps ring in the new year in style.

Image via Unlayer

Have readers share their hopes and dreams for your products and services. Even prompting them to share their resolutions can provide invaluable customer insights. 

Kate Spade – Every Day is a Celebration 

You also want to add festive elements in your New Year’s Eve email. 

Fireworks or even confetti are a good place to start. They highlight the spirit of the New Year. Check out how Kate Spade does it.

Image via Unlayer

Tips on how to make your campaign look and feel like a holiday email campaign

Creating a holiday email campaign that truly resonates with your audience requires more than just a festive subject line. It’s about immersing your subscribers in the spirit of the season.

You want your subscribers to open your emails and instantly feel the festive spirit. Here are some tips on how to design and write your holiday email campaign:

  • Use holiday-themed colors and fonts. Colors like red, green, gold, silver, and blue evoke emotions of warmth, joy, and celebration. Also include seasonal fonts and typography like Holly Jolly cursive. These evoke a vibrant sense of celebration.
  • Incorporate seasonal images and icons. Holiday imagery like Christmas trees, candles, snowflakes, and dreidels set the seasonal mood. Icons like snowflakes or holly leaves also add a touch of holiday magic.
  • Add animated holiday GIFs or short video clips. These add a dynamic, lively element to capture attention in crowded inboxes. Similarly, countdown timers help create urgency and scarcity for time-limited holiday promotions.
  • Write a lighthearted, cheerful copy to spread joy. It should reflect the tone and mood of the season. Use humor, puns, rhymes, or emojis to make your emails more fun and friendly. 
  • Suggest holiday activities and recommendations. Offer clients personalized suggestions for gift guides, recipes, or holiday activities. Base these on their purchase history and interests.
  • Personalize your holiday newsletter. Include customized subject lines with subscriber first names and warm greetings. Make it feel special and more intimate. Your subscribers will feel valued and connected.

Include a short holiday note. This can be from the CEO, founder, or team. Share your holiday plans, favorite traditions, or memories to forge an emotional connection. It’ll make your holiday newsletter feel more human and personable.

21 engaging holiday email subject lines

A creative, attention-grabbing subject line is key to getting your holiday newsletter opened.

The subject line is the first thing your subscribers see when they receive your email. A good subject line should be catchy, creative, and relevant. 

Here are some examples of festive, holiday email subject lines. They’re tailored for different occasions and goals and come with handy tips on why they work.

Warm holiday greetings

  • Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from [Brand] 🎁
  • Sending Warm Holiday Hugs 🤗 and Good Tidings 🌟
  • 🕎 Happy Hanukkah! Shine Bright This Season

Festive sale

  • 🎁 Holiday Special
  • Deck the Halls with Savings! 🎄 Up to 50% Off Inside!
  • ❄️ 30% off Everything: Our Biggest Holiday Sale!

Invitations to special events

  • Flying to the feast?  ✈️ 🦃
  • You’re Invited! Join Us for a Holly Jolly Holiday Bash 🎉
  • Save the Date: Our Exclusive Magical Holiday Soiree Awaits

Expressing gratitude

  • Thankful for You This Christmas
  • Warmest Wishes and a Special Gift Just for You 🎅
  • Thank you for being part of our family ❤️

Sending a gift guide

  • 🎁 Gifts For Her Under $20!
  • Gifts so good, you’ll want to keep them for yourself 🎁
  • Santa’s Secret Workshop: Find the Perfect Gifts Here!

Sharing holiday tips

  • How to celebrate Hanukkah in style 🕎
  • 12 Delicious Ways to Eat Thanksgiving Leftovers
  • Want It by Christmas?

Secret Santa surprises

  • [Brand] is your secret Santa 🎅🏻
  • Your Secret Santa Gift Awaits Inside 🎅🎁
  • Shh… We Have a Little Holiday Secret Just for You 🤫

Wrap up

The holiday season provides a special opportunity to connect with your audience.

So, let the creative newsletter examples and tips we’ve provided inspire your own festive email campaigns. 

Embrace diverse December celebrations and leverage visual design, compelling copy, and interactivity. You’ll be able to craft inclusive, engaging holiday newsletters in no time. 

Most importantly, focus on creating emotional connections with subscribers. Do this by sharing traditions, giving back, and prioritizing community. 

Get ready to make an impression with your unique holiday newsletter.

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