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Five Boxing Day email design examples and best subject lines

By Stacy Kimbell

November 9, 2023

The weeks leading up to Boxing Day are some of the busiest and most important times of the year. 

For businesses, it’s when sales shoot up, with buyers competing to bag all sorts of products for Boxing Day. 

From homeware and fashion to cosmetics and technology, businesses in every industry compete to increase their revenue.

In 2022, the National Retail Federation estimated Americans would spend anywhere from $943 to $960 billion on shopping in November and December alone. And that amount could be higher in 2023. 

You can also generate significant revenue for your business by cashing in on the hype of the holiday season. And an outstanding Boxing Day email marketing campaign can help you achieve that. Are you ready to impress your prospective buyers with an engaging email campaign?

Here, we share click-worthy Boxing Day subject lines and interesting email design examples to make your post stand out. Let’s get rolling.  

Boxing Day email design

Boxing Day is a popular holiday celebrated after Christmas, on December 26. 

Boxing Day’s origin can be traced back to the UK, but people from many other parts of the world also commemorate it. For most, it’s the best day to give back to society and the less fortunate. 

Additionally, the last few decades have seen Boxing Day earn a more commercial meaning, with retailers capitalizing on the holiday to maximize sales. 

As your target audience is still basking in the joy of Christmas, you can also consider inducing the same festive spirit into your Boxing Day email designs.
You can find creative ways to promote your offers while encouraging sharing and caring for others. 

Coming up with an impressive Boxing Day email design would need some inspiration. In the next section, we have curated five interesting examples to get you started.
Let’s take a look at them. 

Five Boxing Day email examples

Creating a stunning email campaign that stands out in a crowded inbox can be overwhelming. Here are five inspiring Boxing Day email examples to help you build a successful marketing campaign in 2023. 

1. Aeon 

Our first example is an email Aeon used for its Boxing Day email marketing campaign. 

Aeon is among the largest retailers in Japan. It offers a broad range of items, including footwear, apparel, and houseware. To drive sales on Boxing Day, the company offered up to 75% off on its products. 

The brand created a sense of urgency by telling potential customers it is a ‘Price Crush’ and the offer is available for ‘One Day Only.’

Aeon’s Boxing Day sale email was also visually appealing. The bold yellow and dark gray contrast can grab the subscriber’s attention instantly, prompting them to read the email. 

Image via Pinterest

2. Café Rouge

Café Rouge’s email to boost reservations on Boxing Day is another fantastic example of a well-thought-out email marketing campaign. 

The French-styled restaurant chain uses a somewhat funny and actionable subject line—“No more Turkey leftovers please.” This can capture the customers’ attention, encouraging them to read the email. 

The copy invites the diners to relax and spend some casual time outdoors, which is the essence of Boxing Day.

The promise of a 40% off food voucher for January is very compelling. And the CTA “Book your table now” is a nice touch as it encourages diners to take action. 

Image via Pinterest

3. Whistlefish 

Diving into the details of your Boxing Day offer can push customers to enjoy it.

Whistlefish, an England-based greeting card and artwork company, lets its customers know exactly what’s in it for them. 

This Boxing Day email lists discounted products and includes their price tags. 

Furthermore, the retailer chooses a unique Boxing Day email color theme to appeal to subscribers.  

More often than not, companies go for red, green, and gold for their Boxing Day email design. Even so, Whistlefish opts for a pale blue and whitish color scheme reminiscent of its brand. 

While at it, the company’s Boxing Day sale email still maintains a tidy, visually attractive look. 

Check out Whistlefish’s Boxing Day sale email below: 

Image via Pinterest

4. Shade Station  

Shade Station is a noted UK-based independent watch and glasses retailer. For its Boxing Day email marketing campaign, the company chose to offer customers an impressive 75% discount. 

As Shade Station stipulated in its Boxing Day sale email below, customers spending over £50 would also get an extra £5 off, making its offer more alluring. 

Additionally, Shade Station included the word “GIFT” in the discount code “GIFT5”. This made their Boxing Day email design relevant since many potential customers may want to gift their loved ones. 

Another notable aspect of Shade Station’s Boxing Day email is the subject line  “HURRY – ONCE IT’S GONE, IT’S GONE!”. It may create a Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) to drive sales. 

Image via Pinterest

5. e.l.f. Cosmetics

Being upfront can help your Boxing Day email marketing campaign succeed.   

e.l.f Cosmetics, a renowned American cosmetics brand, does this by communicating their Boxing Day 50% discount offer is invalid for bulk orders. The company also clarifies that the coupon code “BOXING DAY” doesn’t apply to gift card orders.

This promotes transparency, which may build trust and drive last-minute shopping since it is a “Today only” deal.

Again, e.l.f Cosmetics goes the extra mile to include its support methods in its Boxing Day email to encourage engagement. Some retailers don’t do this. It may get the brand to stand out amidst the Boxing Day shopping frenzy. 

Image via Pinterest

Boxing Day email subject lines

The subject line you choose for your Boxing Day emails can go a long way in impressing your potential customers. We used Omnisend’s subject line tester to curate a list of impressive subject lines you can consider for your campaign. The effectiveness of these subject lines can be measured by the score mentioned in brackets. 

Let’s look at some of the best Boxing Day email subject lines: 

Festive-spirited Boxing Day subject lines

  • Happy Boxing Day! It’s time to save an EXTRA 50%. (83%)
  • Let’s make merry. Enjoy up to 70% off. (75%)
  • Commemorating Boxing Day with up to 80% off. (75%)
  • Our big Boxing Day sale is on NOW. (83%)
  • Save a whopping 40% in our next Boxing Day sale. (75%)
  • Grab great Boxing Day deals today. (75%)
  • Check out our Boxing week deals. (75%)  
  • Boxing Day shopping – More fun than yesterday. (75%)

FOMO Boxing Day email subject lines 

  • You just can’t say no to this! (83%)
  • Boxing Week Sale – 1 day to go! (92%)
  • You have a day to claim our SPECIAL Boxing Day offer. (75%)
  • Biggest sale of the year is on now. (83%)
  • The big holiday sale you’ve been dreaming of. (75%)
  • It’s Boxing Day! Everything must go. (92%)
  • Best Boxing Day deals! Up to 60% off, don’t miss out. (75%)

Funny and witty Boxing Day email subject lines 

  • Better deals for better customers. (92%)
  • Count your blessings. Spend your money. (75%)
  • Spend your Christmas money. (83%) 
  • Woo Hoo! Grab great discounts. (92%)
  • Boxing Day shopping – Shopping can be therapeutic: 50% off. (83%)
  • We’re going crazy with the discounts. (75%)
  • Boxing Day sale – It’s the perfect time to splurge. (75%)
  • Put your BOXING gloves on. Great deals, you can’t tap out! (75%)
  • It’s time to get the boxes. Our Boxing Day sale has arrived (75%). 
  • Get more. Give more. (83%)
  • Box your loved ones with gifts. (83%)

Boxing day email: Wrap up

We hope these Boxing Day email examples and subject lines can help you craft unique and engaging Boxing Day sale emails. 

With just a couple of months to go for the holiday season, now is the best time to begin working on your Boxing Day email marketing campaign. 

Creative email designs and inviting subject lines can be vital in impressing your potential customers and boosting your conversion rate. Clubbed with great offers, these have the potential to increase your revenue. 

Take inspiration and get ready to design successful campaigns for your business this Boxing Day.

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