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55 St. Patrick’s email subject lines for good luck

By Stacy Kimbell

February 14, 2024

Holiday email campaigns present an opportunity for ecommerce stores to run special promotions and deals on their products and increase sales. March offers several occasions, including Women’s Day, Earth Day, and St. Patrick’s Day.

This post focuses on St. Patrick’s Day, a beloved holiday celebrated by at least 61% of US citizens, according to Statista. We discuss how you can optimize your St. Patrick’s Day email subject lines to make the most of your campaigns.

The following sections provide examples of subject lines and email campaigns that you can use to inspire your own. Let’s get started!

Why should you launch a St. Patrick’s Day email marketing campaign?

People love holidays, and running email marketing campaigns allows you to tap into this excitement. With St. Patrick’s Day marketing campaigns, you can introduce new product lines, offer discounts, promote sustainability, and more.

One of the most critical aspects of St. Patrick’s Day is the mention of luck. So, most industries can create exciting email campaigns centered around this. 

Here are elements of luck that you can include in your subject line to turn it into a St. Patrick’s Day-themed campaign:

  • The mention of luck and the luck of the Irish
  • Four-leaf clovers and the color green
  • Leprechauns and pots of gold
  • Horseshoes 
  • Shamrock

As the Irish history would have it, all these are signs of good luck.

St. Patrick’s Day is also about celebrating the Irish culture with great food, beverages, and music. For this reason, it makes for an interesting holiday, especially for ecommerce businesses in the food, beverage, and apparel industries.

How to write lucky St. Patrick’s Day email subject lines

St. Patrick’s Day provides numerous opportunities to get creative with your subject lines. Here are some best practices to keep in mind if you want to get “lucky” with your St. Patrick’s Day subject lines.

  • Incorporate specific St. Patrick’s Day elements: First, you’ll need to include elements such as the green color, four-leaf clover emojis, leprechaun hats, and other specific elements into your subject line. This will help grab your reader’s attention immediately.
  • Avoid stereotypes: You can include St. Patrick’s Day elements in your subject line, but be sure to put a spin on them so as not to sound cliche. Avoid stereotypical St. Patrick’s Day slogans, especially those that don’t align with your brand.
  • Personalize your subject lines: Including your recipient’s details, such as their name, in the subject line increases their chance of opening your emails.
  • Infuse a sense of urgency: Since the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day can only last for so long, it’s a great tactic to include a sense of urgency in your promotional emails. You can do this by setting a timeframe for your promotion in your subject line.
  • Keep your subject lines concise: Keeping them brief makes them mobile-friendly. The ideal length would be around 60 to 70 characters.
  • Use humor: Depending on your level of creativity, funny St. Patrick’s Day email subject lines can give your campaigns an edge. They can add the much-needed flare to your emails to make them successful.

    However, when adding humor to your email subject lines, it’s important to consider that you may get negative feedback, or your audience may not relate.

55 Best St. Patrick’s Day email subject lines for this year

Looking for inspiration for your St. Patrick’s Day email subject lines? This section lists some catchy St. Patrick’s Day phrases you can use to drive sales during this holiday period.

Lucky subject lines

The luck of the Irish is a common phrase associated with St. Patrick’s Day. Therefore, it’s a great idea to try to include the element of luck in your email campaigns. 

Here are a few examples of subject lines that creatively weave in this concept that you can use to inspire your own. 

  • Make your luck 
  • Feeling lucky: St. Patrick’s Day sale
  • Get Lucky: Shop our St. Patrick Day’s limited collection
  • You’re about to get lucky
  • You’re lucky: Big St. Patrick’s Day event
  • Your St. Patrick’s Day Deals Start Today
  • It’s your lucky day. St. Patrick’s Day (product name) is here
  • You’re in Luck with St. Patrick’s Day savings: (percentage discount)
  • Get lucky with this St. Patrick’s Day flash sale
  • Lucky you: Get 15% off on this limited sale
  • The luck continues: 12 hours left to shop St. Patrick’s Day offers
  • Limited St. Patrick’s Day giveaway: You’re in luck
  • It’s your lucky day: Shop our St. Patrick’s Day offers
  • Get your Lucky savings for St. Patrick’s Day
  • Get your lucky day started with our St. Patrick’s Day offers
  • Score a pot of gold with these St. Patrick’s Day deals
  • It’s your lucky day: St. Patrick’s Day flash sales 
  • Guess you’re in luck!
  • It’s your lucky day: St. Patrick’s Day t-shirts are here!

General subject lines

In case you don’t want to take the lucky phrase route, there are other aspects you can explore, too. For instance, personalization, referencing the Irish culture, keeping your subject line concise, and using generic but classic promotional phrases.

Here are some general St. Patrick’s Day subject lines you could try out.

  • (Name), Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with us!
  • Happy  St. Patrick’s Day from (company name)
  • Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with these special deals
  • Save x% discount on your order with this limited St. Patrick’s Day offer
  • St. Patrick’s Day is just around the clover
  • Our St. Patrick’s Day (items) are here! 
  • Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with these limited deals
  • Discover your Irish roots this St. Patrick’s Day
  • St. Patrick’s Day surprise
  • St. Patrick’s Day tees designed especially for you
  • Strike gold with our best St. Patrick’s Day deals
  • Open me, I’m Irish!
  • Put some Irish in your week.

Sales subject lines

Most St. Patrick’s Day email campaigns are used to run sales and promotions. While running sales be sure to avoid using all caps or many exclamation marks to avoid sounding spammy.

These few sales subject lines will inspire you.

  • You’re invited! Early access to our St.Patrick’s Day Sale!
  • Save 20% on all St. Paddy’s limited-time designs
  • St. Paddy’s deals end in (time); Time to get lucky
  • Up to 25% off on St. Patrick’s Day cotton
  • Your St. Patrick’s Day exclusive offers await you!
  • Gear up for St. Patrick’s Day: 20% off!
  • You’re in luck! St. Patrick’s deals are here.
  • St. Patrick’s Day’s lucky sale: up to 50% off!
  • Feeling lucky? Win up to 20% off on your order

Green subject lines

Green is St. Patrick’s Day’s top element, so if you can’t find any other connection between this day and your brand, then this is your best bet. You can use green emojis and the color green on fonts and designs. 

Depending on your industry, you can also link green to health, sustainability, food, and drinks. Here are a few ways to include this element in your St. Patrick’s Day email subject lines.

  • We’re green every day!
  • Feeling a little green?
  • Did someone say nutrient-rich greens?
  • Get your green on for this year’s St. Patrick’s Day
  • Go green with our St. Patrick’s Day collection
  • Need some green this St. Paddy’s Day?
  • In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, get 15% off all green hair products
  • Showcase your green side with our lucky charms
  • Think green this St. Patrick’s Day

Subject lines with emojis

Emojis make your subject lines more engaging and unique. Some popular emojis for St. Patrick’s Day email subject lines include four-leaf clovers, a green heart, the Irish flag, a pot of gold, and crossed fingers for good luck. 

These examples show how you can use these emojis in your campaigns.

  • 🍀 Ready for this red ale? 🍻
  • 🍀St. Patrick’s Day magic: Explore our collection💚
  • Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with (company name) 🤩
  • 🍀St. Patrick’s 🍀Day favorites are here. 🍀Lucky you 
  • Cheer to St. Patrick’s Day 🍻
  • Let’s get Irish with it! 🍻🍻
  • 💚 Last day of your lucky St. Patrick’s Day offers🍀

St. Patrick Day email examples

Beyond your subject line, you’ll need great email copy, images, and design to make your campaigns effective. There are some real-life St. Patrick’s Day email examples from which you can draw inspiration. 

1. Cotosen’s St. Patrick’s Day Offers

The first page of this email example incorporates most if not all, of St. Patrick’s Day’s lucky elements: a green background, leprechaun hats, four-leaf clover images, gold coins, and beer cups. 

This is one way to set the tone for your St. Patrick’s Day email campaign.

Cotosen finds a way to include these elements in some of the products for this holiday campaign as well. The first few clothes are green and have clover prints. The other items, such as boots are relatively traditionally Irish as well.

If you’re a clothing business, one way to use this tactic would be to exclusively create a St. Patrick’s line and have it be the focus of your campaign.

St. Patrick Day email example by Cotosen's

Image via Milled

2. Rugs.com’s feeling lucky email

This example shows how you can run discounted promotions for your St. Patrick’s Day-themed email campaign. It states the discount upfront, making it an attractive promotion.

To make it even more exclusive, Rugs.com runs a limited promotion and uses a call to action that introduces an element of urgency: “Today Only.” This helps make the discount more attractive and nudges the customer to take action faster. 

It also uses a few catchy St. Patrick’s Day-themed phrases such as “strike gold” and “feeling lucky.” These all make the email example well thought out and creative.

St. Patrick Day email example by Rugs

Image via Really Good Emails

3. Athletic Brewing Company’s Irish beer campaign

This email example uses the St. Patrick’s Day theme to promote their Irish Red beer. One way to make your St. Patrick’s Day marketing campaigns effective is by tapping into the Irish culture. 

This example uses one of their drinks, the campaign’s focus. In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, the email indulges readers in the history of the Irish Red beer. 

Overall, the email begins with the color green theme, clearly indicating that it was a holiday promotion. The email header “make your own luck” is also pretty straightforward and catchy. 

St. Patrick Day email example by Athletic Brewing co

Image via Really Good Emails

4. Pulp & Press Green Pack

In this email example, Pulp & Press promotes their healthy green juice with their St. Patrick’s Day campaign. As green is the St. Patrick’s Day theme color and signifies health, this campaign creatively brings these two elements together.     

It starts with a green headline and explains all the health benefits of the promoted products. 

St. Patrick Day email example by Pulp & Press Green Pack

Image via Really Good Emails

5. Cotton Bureau’s Irish-themed merchandise

St. Patrick’s Day parties aren’t complete without green apparel, and Cotton Bureau understands this concept. The business creates a t-shirt line with creative St. Patrick’s Day-themed names and promotes them on this holiday campaign.

From this email example, Cotton Bureau also uses catchy St. Patrick’s Day phrases linked like “lucky duck” and includes other Irish-based names for each apparel type. 

The background color is a light green, which subtly cements the day’s theme, making it exciting and attractive. 

The email begins with a light-hearted message about the Irish culture and the St. Patrick’s holiday. Then, it ties it all up to the brand, making it exciting. 

St. Patrick Day email example by Cotton Bureau

Image via Really Good Emails

6. Postmates

Irish food and drinks are another central St. Patrick’s Day culture element. This example from Postmates shows how you can promote these two elements together in a unique email campaign.

The email header begins with a witty pun referencing St. Patrick’s Day and the purpose of the email. You can order your Irish meal and drinks and celebrate the day from home. 

The email is brief and effective, which is one way to go with St. Patrick’s Day campaigns.

St. Patrick Day email example by Postmates

Image via Really Good Emails

St. Patricks email subject lines: Wrap up

Optimizing your email subject lines is the first step toward making your St. Patrick’s Day email marketing campaigns successful. As mentioned, your email subject line is the first thing your audience sees and determines whether or not your audience opens your emails.

This post gives you plenty of ideas on how to make your St. Patrick’s email subject lines creative and catchy. You can also use Omnisend’s free subject line generator to come up with more ideas. 

And with the email examples provided, there’s plenty to inspire your St. Patrick’s Day campaign designs and copy. With the right subject lines, you can take advantage of this upcoming holiday and boost your ecommerce sales.

Stacy Kimbell
Stacy Kimbell
Co-founder & Chief Editor
Stacy Kimbell has nine years of experience in email marketing. She's worked with different email platforms and created many successful email campaigns for online and offline, well-established as well as family businesses. Stacy is excited to share her expertise with readers.

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