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Email marketing news roundup [June 2024]

By Stacy Kimbell

July 8, 2024

As strategies evolve and technologies advance, staying current is key to maintaining your competitive edge in email marketing. 

We’ve got the latest news roundup for June right here at Email Tools Guide. This concise digest aims to keep you informed on the latest email marketing developments.

Our email marketing news digest offers:

  • Updates on major email marketing platforms
  • Summaries of key industry reports and studies
  • Insights into emerging trends and best practices
  • Highlights of regulatory changes affecting email marketers

This month’s email marketing roundup has all the latest news, including new product launches, revamped support centers, and webinar announcements. We provide a concise and informative summary of what’s new in June 2024.

Top 6 latest email marketing news, June 2024

Let’s look at all the latest email marketing updates in June:

  • ActiveCampaign launches BrandKit AI
  • Sendlane hosts a webinar on scalable retention strategies
  • tinyEmail introduces a brand new support center
  • Flodesk launches an email design guide
  • Moosend introduces transactional emails
  • Omnisend product update news

1. ActiveCampaign launches BrandKit AI

Email marketing platform ActiveCampaign has unveiled BrandKit AI, a groundbreaking tool that streamlines the email creation process. This innovative feature uses artificial intelligence to simplify crafting high-converting emails, forms, and landing pages.

BrandKit AI offers several key benefits: 

  • Automated brand asset extraction: With only a website URL, the AI intelligently extracts relevant logos, images, and visual elements that align with your brand identity. 
  • Instant color palette and typography: The AI analyzes your website to capture your unique color scheme and typefaces. It ensures a consistent visual experience across your email campaigns and web presence.
  • AI-powered copy suggestions: BrandKit AI helps overcome writer’s block with content recommendations based on your website’s existing copy. It helps maintain a consistent brand voice in your email communications.

With these elements, marketers can craft visually appealing, on-brand emails in minutes. These features significantly reduce design time and effort.

2. Sendlane hosts a webinar on scalable retention strategies

On Tuesday, July 16th at 9 AM PT, Sendlane will host the highly anticipated webinar on scalable retention strategies to combat rising customer acquisition costs (CAC). This event will feature expert speakers from Digioh, Gorgias, Malomo, and Aplo Group.

Image via BigMarker

Here are some valuable insights the webinar promises to deliver for email marketers:

  • CAC mitigation strategies: Learn how to optimize existing customer relationships and orders to offset high acquisition costs. Discover how businesses can achieve more with fewer resources in a competitive market.
  • Techniques for enhanced marketing efficiency: Discover techniques for creating personalized experiences at scale, reducing friction points like unsubscribes and cart abandonment, and leveraging email marketing to increase average order value (AOV) and revenue.
  • Expert hacks for retention-focused growth: Gain actionable tips to boost customer retention and maximize lifetime value, establishing a foundation for sustainable business growth in the face of escalating CAC.

Read more about this webinar here.

3. tinyEmail introduces a brand new support center

As a part of its commitment to enhancing customer support and user experience, tinyEmail has unveiled a completely revamped support center. Here’s what’s new and improved: 

  • Centralized ticket submission: Users can now submit support tickets for tinyEmail and tinyAlbert services directly through the support center. 
  • Easy ticket tracking: The new system allows customers to monitor their submitted tickets’ status easily. There’s now greater transparency in the progress of user queries and issues.
  • Expanded resource library: The support center now offers more helpful resources. These include guides, FAQs, and tutorials that empower users to find solutions independently.
  • New dedicated URLs: tinyEmail has moved its support center to new, easy-to-remember web addresses. These are support.tinyemail.com for tinyEmail and support.tinyalbert.ai for tinyAlbert.

4. Flodesk launches an email design guide

In a move to empower email marketers, the popular platform Flodesk has released an ultimate guide to email design. This comprehensive resource makes it into our email marketing roundup for the tips and best practices it offers creators.

Image via Flodesk

This guide gives you all the inspiration you need to craft more stunning and engaging emails. It explores essential email design elements, including content, layout, imagery, and optimization.

For a deeper dive into these elements and more expert advice, explore Flodesk’s comprehensive guide.

5. Moosend introduces transactional emails

Moosend has introduced a new transactional emails feature that simplifies sending important information once customers take specific actions. These messages are operational, not commercial or promotional, which means they can include:

  • Password resets
  • Purchase receipts
  • Account notifications
  • Booking confirmations
  • Shipping updates

Transactional emails enable Moosend to deliver timely, personalized messages unique to each recipient. Users can easily set these messages up by navigating their Campaigns tab and selecting Transactional

Read this announcement for more information on how to send these emails with Moosend’s API.

6. Omnisend product update news

Last but not least, Omnisend has brought exciting new features to enhance email marketing and customer engagement. Here are the highlights:

  • Expanded product reviews: A customer can leave your store a review when they enter their email address. You control which reviews go live, ensuring quality and relevance.
  • Verified badge: A new verified badge for reviews adds credibility and shows that the review comes from a verified purchaser. You can also manually add this badge to standout reviews.
  • Email builder update: A new recommendation type showcases products your contacts have recently viewed. It helps re-engage customers with relevant suggestions.
  • Security update: The company introduced two-factor authentication to improve account security and prevent unauthorized access. Omnisend also provides recovery codes for clients who can’t access their phones or receive the login verification code.
  • Enhanced integrations: Omnisend integrates with BookingPress to help service businesses manage appointments. Omnisend forms on web pages can also integrate with Foxify, a Shopify page builder. Some other new integrations include Grid & Pixel, FoxKit, and Brave. Check them out!

For more details, watch Omnisend’s June news mashup video.

Wrap up

This June 2024 email marketing roundup provides valuable insights into the latest trends, email tool updates, and industry innovations. With these, you can improve customer engagement and boost overall performance. 

Don’t miss our future email marketing news digests to keep your strategies cutting-edge while remaining competitive.

Stay tuned for our July email marketing roundup!

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Stacy Kimbell
Stacy Kimbell
Co-founder & Chief Editor
Stacy Kimbell has nine years of experience in email marketing. She's worked with different email platforms and created many successful email campaigns for online and offline, well-established as well as family businesses. Stacy is excited to share her expertise with readers.

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